Major Tom …

Best Music Video in (or near) the world:

And if you’re not following @Cmdr_Hadfield, well, WTF?


Floating in tin cans far above the world is something we all should do occasionally to get some perspective.

We had a cat named Major Tom back in the summer of ’72. He went with us on a family road trip from New Mexico to the PNW, BC, etc,

We had to flee Shitass, Wherever in the middle of the night after I got bit by a mouse at the Ft Hall ID powow. We were asleep in the camper when my dad said “they don’t like Indians here.” Next thing I remember, we were in Denver then back in NM.

Six more fun Chris Hadfield videos here.

Does having one of my best NCOs being a half-Apache named Montoya in the 101st Airborne in the early 1960’s count in my favor when I recognized him quickly as the best? Or living in Denton County, TX, home of Prick Armey and his ilk? As Kermit might say, it’s not easy being green or liberal around here. Call me an”early adopter/adapter” now that I’m 72, who overcame his Republican upbringing early on.

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