Our Side is Shite

John BoehnerZandar:

Democrats didn’t lose the sequester fight today. Democrats have spent the last few decades losing the sequester fight. They lost it long before it even began, because they’ve done absolutely no pushback against the notion that government budgets are riddled with colossal amounts of waste, the elimination of which is all we need to have balanced budgets and low taxes and a happy dance around the maypole to celebrate our widespread abundance.

Our “representatives” are afraid of the GOP, afraid to tell them what we want.

Prediction? Our species will die out about 2063 due to Republican delaying tactics.

Last Call [Zandar Versus the Stupid]

Nothing sums up how much we suck quite as well as this interview John Oliver of the Daily Show did with an aide to Harry Reid: http://www.hulu.com/watch/482404
The whole gun control is Australia series Oliver did is fantastic, but this is the episode that made my brain explode.

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