Emergency Cat Video Comforts Weary Nation

Day 3 of our special series, Jeezus Christ What’s This Fucking World Coming To?


Hey, Nojo, I know this is downright rearranging-Titanic-deck-chairs for me to whine about during this crazy week, but I just wanted to alert you that something is goofy with the mobile site. It used to format just fine for screen size, but now it loads every page HUGE and I have to repeatedly resize them down. I realize I face some discrimination here because I don’t have an iOverpaid piece of Steve Jobs-inspired electronics (actually it was Steve Jobs inspired because those copycats Samsung made my phone), but I’m hoping you can help me anyway.

@flippin eck: Two questions:

1. Are you seeing the sidebars?

2. What model is your phone?

Basically, the new contraption — “Responsive Design” in geekspeak — kicks in when your screen is narrower than 520 pixels. That works fine for iPhones, but I don’t know what adjustments I need to make for everything else. Tell me yer phone, I’ll look up the specs.

@flippin eck: It looks gorgeous on the iPhone.
Unrelated favorite typo of the day: NYT referring to Obama as the iPresident in its Lede blog on the Boston memorial service.

@nojo: It’s a Samsung Galaxy S, the first iteration of the Galaxy line. No sign of the columns, but that doesn’t trouble me, only the mongo text. I’ve noticed the same thing happening on other mobile sites recently too, but stinque seems to be the most extreme. Thank you kindly for your attentions!

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