Bombing Suspect (Not) Arrested

Enough gore.

CNN and AP are reporting an arrest in the Boston Marathon bombing. The suspect is due in federal court.

And the updates begin…

CNN seems to be walking back its report, but the Boston Globe is confirming. So we’re still good with two media sources.

Update 2: And, everybody walks it back. BPD and US Attorney deny reports.

Update 3: TPM has gleefully compiled CNN’s Journey to There and Back.


My guess? Timothy McVeigh II FWIW. If they got anybody ….

@blogenfreude: I think that’s everybody’s guess around these parts, but keep your Crayolas holstered until we know for sure.

I think the CNN report and retraction happened during my cab ride from LAX home. Talk about your fast news cycle!

@Dodgerblue: Last I checked, AP said its source is still standing by the arrest claim. Must be some fun conversations going on between reporters and their stoolies.

@nojo: “Source”. Singular. Michael Calderone is questioning whether the AP violated the cardinal two-source rule. CNN claims three sources, local and federal.

Local Bawstahn ABC affiliate reports as follows:

– Bomb threat to federal court house, building evacuated

– Single official van backs into rear entrance of court house

– Police boat moved toward back of court house, which was direction from which van came.

– Court house being “swept” after “bomb threat”

– Judges were allowed to go back into the court house

They are saying without saying that dude possibly has been moved into the courthouse already, possibly via boat and van.

Senate gun bill looks like it’s going down to a whimpering deth, btw. Apparently, senators facing reelection next year don’t want to waste a yes vote on something the House will kill.

ADD: Coast Guard has been used to transport federal prisoners in the past, notably Whitey Bulger. ABC Boston

BuzzFeed has a fun rundown of the not-news.

Headline: “Media Melts Down Over Reports Of Boston Suspect”

Original URL: “suspect-in-boston-bombing-reportedly-in-custody”

@redmanlaw: 5pm news conference canceled, citing bomb threat…

Jeez, and I thought Bawstun Sports reporting was horrid.

ABC Boston: suspect “dark skinned.”

But CBS per Raw Story says suspect/POI is a white guy: CBS News noted on Wednesday that the “man sought as a possible suspect is a white male, wearing white baseball cap on backwards, a gray hoodie and a black jacket.”

When I left for the gym we were expecting a news conference about the suspect in custody. By the time I got back it was all, Whatever!

Who the hell is in charge of this news cycle? I want my money back.

@redmanlaw: At this point, I’m not buying anything unless it’s read from stone tablets.

@nojo: Would you accept a Reddit analysis of a photo of the tablets?

POTUS is PISSED OFF over seeing the compromise gun bill going down today despite support of US Americans.

@redmanlaw: Just caught the tail end. Did he mention that the filibuster was the smoking gun?

@redmanlaw: Gawker was delightfully exhaustive about that today. Which means, yes, I actually visited Gawker.

@nojo: No, just that dudes were afraid of their reelection prospects if they voted for the bill. Psychos said it created a gun registry (it didn’t) and that one could not give a relative a firearm without breaking the law (such transfers were exempted, ‘cept unless you knew your no good second cousin had been to Prison or something), and that casual personal sales from one’s own collection advertised on office bulletin boards were Outlawed (they weren’t – the gun show provision didn’t kick in until 75 guns were up for sale, although interwebz and newspaper classified sales would have triggered the background check requirement).

My friend who is a psychologist at Arkham Asylum had some major, major problems with the reporting of metal health issues to the state and federal data bases, and I had some concerns over tribal government provisions that I shared with others. It wasn’t a perfect bill, but it could have been fixed although not in a very short time frame.

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