Because Hating Gays Always Works

tea bag“So how do you keep a party torn between those needing to govern and those elected to prevent governing? You stick to the easy stuff — like hating gays. At a Republican National Committee meeting in Los Angeles on Friday, members unanimously voted to reaffirm its stand against same-sex marriage. The vote added to the language in the 2012 platform, urging the Supreme Court to ‘uphold the sanctity of marriage’ in their rulings on Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act.” [The National Memo]


Tony Perkins said, “Passing the anti-gay marriage resolution would be ‘a gesture of good faith’. The mind boggles.

Still waiting for the reports from West Hollywood for how many RNC delegates were procuring the services of rent boys & snorting meth off of their penises prior to a little rough trade. Not to forget the LAPD arrest reports from the Tiki Theatre for wienie wagging.

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