They’re Called “Democrats”

Left Behind.“The author imagines a Centrist Party which attempts to win a few as four or five seats in the U.S. Senate, enough to deny either traditional party a majority. At that point, he says the Centrists would be the powerbrokers in DC. giving voice to those who fall in the ideological middle.” [Political Wire]


The Villagers love all those nice Centrists like Olympia Snowe, Lincoln Chaffee, St. McCain, and Susan Collins. In many ways they’re worse than idiots like Cruz , Paul, and Lee – promising cooperation, moderation, and delivering nothing.

We’ve got a centrist party already, and an ultra-nationalist, crypto-fascist right wing party. What we really need is a viable leftist party.

@Serolf Divad: After 2004, they dropped the “crypto” part.

We could have a dozen parties…it would not matter. As long as we have the present system of funding political campaigns, office holders will always be beholden to those with deep pockets that fund their election campaigns.

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