Douchebag of the Day

135705_lg“Freshman Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has taken the unusual step of opposing a non-controversial Senate resolution commemorating Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week, Politico reported Monday…. [L]ast week, Cruz objected to including the MS Awareness resolution. He was unhappy with a clause in the resolution describing the purpose of the Multiple Sclerosis Coalition, according to a Democratic staffer.” [TPM]


What a lot of people don’t understand is that these people now derive their power from attacking the defenseless. The same reason the Taliban murder young school girls. They harm the weakest in society precisely because it is beyond the pale. It is a signal to their supporters of the purity and single mindedness of their crusade. Not only do the old rules of comity and compromise no longer apply… there are no rules … there is only victory, and no price is to large, or to defenseless and innocent, to pay to assure that victory.

A real Republican would kick over MS victims’ wheelchairs and eat the exposed flesh. Hasn’t this asshole read the manual?

This MS business sounds like public health, one of the most intrusive forms of big government. Public health is almost as dangerous as the EPA.

Apparently, there is bipartisan agreement that Ted is a complete tool.

TJ/If their bracket holds, Tree women will play Berzerkely for a trip to the Final Four. That would be fun.

@Mistress Cynica: “Jim DeMint without the charm” made me snort.

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