The Three Dumb Egos

imagesCAEY2UOEA bunch of readers have asked us: What’s up with Rand Paul doing an actual filibuster this afternoon on the Senate floor?  And why aren’t you guys all over it? Well, by the ironies of the modern filibuster, this one has lots of fireworks and looks like what a lot of people think a filibuster should look like.  But it’s precisely because this one actually has no teeth that they’re resorting to the old fashioned system.  … Thus far, he’s enlisted Sens. Lee and Cruz to assist him with short breaks. [TPM]


Actually, ignoring those three stooges seems like a wise policy. I would have been fine with that.

Three Curly Joes and not a Moe between them.

Randie looks like Shirley Temples separated at birth evil twin. do you think he sleeps in pin curls?

I have been watching the “History” channels new series The Bible. I love it. the abysmal acting is only matched by the laugh out loud writing. but then I suppose they are working within rather constraining limits story wise. it may replace “My Strange Addiction” as my favorite make me feel superior tv show. but so far nothing as good as the woman who is addicted to eating deodorant. or for that matter the guy who is obsessed romantically with his inflatable shark pool toy.

The Hammaconda cannot be contained. Who knew that even in character as Don Draper he goes free-ball? Thanks to Mistress Cynica for sharing on the Book of Faces.

Jeez, he’s just bragging at this point. Damn show-ers.

@ManchuCandidate: How do you know he’s not a grower on top of a show-er?

I don’t, but that would be more proof the universe is incredibly unfair.

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