Which Many Americans Defend to the Death

Darwin Awards for everybody!“Secretary of State John Kerry offered a defense of freedom of speech, religion and thought in the United States on Tuesday telling German students that in America ‘you have a right to be stupid if you want to be.'” [Reuters]


Perhaps humanity’s most cherished “right”.

Somehow that statement comes across as a little pissy coming from a child of privilege (biking into East Berlin as a 12 year old?) who went on to become a Bonesman, a player in the government for decades, not to mention the husband of a fabulously wealthy heiress. Thanks John, now the German students have the average American’s point of view.

@Dave H: Kerry’s merely defending his right to let himself be swiftboated for weeks without response.

its on
You schooled us pretty hard the last time there was a WGAw strike. You made a pretty convincing case for a Hollywood without writers, and while we’ll never admit it to you as a group, you broke us. You really did. And it has ruined the industry that I love in a million small ways that you’re not even going to notice for a decade or so, and when you do, it may well be too late. You fought us over money and your right to more of it, and you hurt us enough to make us take a deal that we knew in our hearts was not right.

If you try to do the same thing to the VFX industry, you are going to lose.

I’m not even going to talk about quality. The systemic abuse of writers proves that is not what drives the decisions in town. Instead, money talks, so let’s talk money. “Avatar,” the #1 grossing film of all time… picture that without visual effects. Or picture it done on a rushed schedule with no money to speak of. “Titanic.” Same thing. “The Avengers.” “The Phantom Menace.” “Star Wars.” Nolan’s “Dark Knight” movies. “Shrek 2.” “E.T.” “Pirates 2.” That’s your top ten right now in terms of all time domestic box-office. Every one of those films was the cutting edge when it was made. Every one of those films depended in large part on those visual effects being the best they could be at the time the films were released.

So there’s CaptHowdy, and me, and, um, who else?

Coding Confessional

We’ll see whether they approve my Sin: “I peeked at your source.”

@nojo: awsum

I have no use for an iPhone or iPad and I think both are overpriced. I am employed as an iOS developer.

TJ/ Personal Fashion Crisis on my FB wall. Need help. I’m going to a Global Seattle Meetup on Friday, and I need input. I need to look Global and shit.

I’m having a socially awkward freakout.

@CaptHowdy: Ask one of the folks here if you’re on FB to tell you who I am if you’d like to help a sistah out.

Benedick — don’t fail me.


I am only still here becaue I cant walk

@CaptHowdy: My real sin is that I want to cop that premise for an iPhone app, but I can’t think of a way to cover my tracks.

morning FB from the Spartacus of VFX Scott Ross:

Scott Ross
I have no horse in this race.

I do not own a VFX facility, I am not a VFX supervisor worried about pissing off clients and being blackballed. I am not (as much as I have tried) a movie producer. I am not a studio executive (thank god). I am not a VES member. I belong to no Union.

I am an individual that has spent the better part of my entire life managing large VFX companies. Contrary to what some might say, I do understand the current situation. In fact, given my unique position I believe that I see the situation very clearly. Given my actions, I believe that the rank and file see that I do.

I implore you…. do not have a walk out. Not yet. Let a committee be formed to come up with a strategic plan.

The passion is there. The problems are evident. The storm is brewing.

But…. let’s make sure that we do not act out of pure passion. Let’s be strategic.

Let’s win the war….. not the battle.

A right or a duty? Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

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