CPAC – Definitely Not Gay

991a2d7775a7669320b06381746f4f0d“CPAC is coming! Prepare your battleships, patriots. On March 14, the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference descends upon innocent Americans in order to spread the goodness of Dick Morris, movies sponsored by Citizens United and the liberty of fracking. Woo hoo! But once again, there’s trouble in paradise, because once again, CPAC gave GOProud the boot. They invited Wayne La Pierre this year (along with Ralph Reed and conspiracy theorist Ben Shapiro) and last year, they had white supremacist John Derbyshire, but gays are too divisive.” [Politicus USA]


Is this a convenient place for me to lie down so you can piss on me or would you prefer me to be over there?

@Benedick: You’re right.

I bet they are lo-veen-gitt.

ADD: It’s the least interesting form of masochism on the planet, really.

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