Karl Rove Versus ‘The Math’

[NEWSER] – “Conservative activists and Nate Silver haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, but they agree on one thing: Karl Rove’s new super PAC backing establishment Republican candidates over Tea Party challengers is a bad idea. Of course, Silver’s argument isn’t ideological, it’s mathematical. The problem, he points out in a New York Times post, is that money isn’t what’s holding establishment candidates back.”


5:09 pm • Monday • February 11, 2013

Oh Nate, you found the 2m exhaust port in Rove’s Death Star.

It’s too bad that the Rebellion is made up of dipshits and dumbfucks.

11:48 pm • Monday • February 11, 2013

And here are the players in the fight for the ‘soul’ of the Republican Party. Notice any similarities?

10:39 am • Tuesday • February 12, 2013

@blogenfreude: how do they plan to steal their collective souls back from darth cheney? he has been known to press mighty hard deals. rumor is he even one upped ole beelzebub himself.

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