Fox Gives Dick the Foot

“Fox News has decided not to renew its contract with political commentator and pollster Dick Morris, an industry official tells POLITICO’s Mike Allen.”


7:51 pm • Tuesday • February 5, 2013

Can Karl be far behind? They’re really cleaning house.

8:20 pm • Tuesday • February 5, 2013

Fox News without Dick Morris is like a homeless alcoholic without halitosis… just feels wrong.

8:46 pm • Tuesday • February 5, 2013

Seems like Fox News is facing the same sort of “double-down on the crazee or not?” moment as the GOP.

Losing Morris (slimeball though he is) and gaining Ewick Ewickson seems to indicate which way they’re headed…

9:21 pm • Tuesday • February 5, 2013


Dick Morris – Eric Erickson

Hobson’s Choice : the necessity of accepting one of two or more equally objectionable alternatives

but seriously I dont really believe that. Eric may be a profoundly misguided goat fucking idiot but Morris is simply cartoonishly evil

9:28 pm • Tuesday • February 5, 2013

I was listening to NPRs morning classical music show this morning and they played music from HALO 3. has the world gone mad?

11:19 pm • Tuesday • February 5, 2013

@CaptHowdy: I have a Not the MSNBC ad saying “Join Billy Graham in declaring, ‘I have hope for America because of Jesus Christ.'” What an unsupportable bit of demagoguery. I can’t speak for the whole world but I’m pretty sure a good sized chunk of it in North America between Canada and Mexico is stark raving loony tunes.

11:53 pm • Tuesday • February 5, 2013

@Dave H: I’m getting an ad from those fucking tree-hugging wild wolf-loving clean-air-breathing folks at Natural Resources Defense Council…

/someone should be very proud of me for correctly writing out the long version of the nonprofit’s name.

1:03 am • Wednesday • February 6, 2013

@SanFranLefty: Yes, we don’t have “National” in the name. Like a nice tote bag?

1:41 am • Wednesday • February 6, 2013

@Dodgerblue: Only if it comes in green, but more importantly I could now qualify for a summer law clerk unpaid internship, thanks to getting past the first hurdle of the cover letter that apparently 3 out of 5 wanna-be tree hugging law students can’t get straight. I read a summer intern cover letter today that got the name of the organization and its purpose correct, but then had three – count ’em, three – exclamation points in the first two paragraphs. Needless to say this student won’t get called for an interview. Though someone is excited.

2:27 am • Wednesday • February 6, 2013

@CaptHowdy: All I know is Dead Space 3 is out. You know where I am this weekend…

3:05 am • Wednesday • February 6, 2013

@Mistress Cynica: Rove’s been renewed. Probably a quid pro quo for all the ad money Crossroads spends.

8:16 am • Wednesday • February 6, 2013

@nojo: Or a term of their deal with the devil.

8:30 am • Wednesday • February 6, 2013

@Dave H:

sadly I can say for sure this is true. since I live at the intersection of Looney Toon and Batshit Crazy.
thinking about selling this shithole and moving to Colorado. or Washington.

11:00 am • Wednesday • February 6, 2013

@SanFranLefty: We get a shitload of generic resumes, some of which don’t even mention the name of our organization. Recycle bin.

1:41 pm • Wednesday • February 6, 2013

@CaptHowdy: “cartoonishly evil” is exactly right. Ugh! to an unimaginably huge power.

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