God Forgives Sarah Palin for Quitting Her Office and Refusing a Lowball Renewal Offer From Fox


Of course she doesn’t add the part about dealing with your past so that it doesn’t haunt you in the future. Like pretty much everything she has done.

FSM help us, the Sarah Palin twit-generator is showing signs of self-awareness!1!

Whoops–false alarm.

A podcast I was listening to earlier said that McCain has genuine remorse for unleashing Palin on the country … really?

Meanwhile the Amazon link has Palin stuff. Despite the fact that it is all heavily discounted, it’s still too damn much for what its worth.

The book that shits on her is worth more than Going Rouge.

Of all the things he’s done (and it’s a lot) that’s probably the worst.

@blogenfreude: McCain has genuine remorse




That Genuine Remorse® was certainly on display at the Hagel hearing this week.


Doubtful – the only way people like McCain and Cheney are going to have “genuine remorse” is if they figure out a way to suck it from the still-warm body of a hobo they just strangled.

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