Donkey Konged

This is a donkey. Nice donkey. Donkey is in Botswana. You can see donkey in Google Street View.

Oh, no! What happened to donkey?

Poor donkey. We’ll miss you, donkey.

Unless, of course, donkey was just taking a dust bath. In which case, never mind.

Did Google run over a donkey in Botswana? [Fox, via The Loop]

Never ass-ume [Google]


Hey Nojo, the Oregon football coach just jumped to the NFL after saying he would stay in Eugene. Time to polish your resume?

@Dodgerblue: I just joked yesterday to somebody on campus that I was available if the Eagles were still looking.

But since I don’t pay attention:

Don’t Duck coaches suck in the NFL?

There’s Norv Turner, whom nobody seems to love. Rich Brooks all but disppeared after building Oregon’s bowl program. And I think there’s at least a third, although his name escapes me.

Meanwhile, Phil will have to pony up another cool million to bring somebody new to campus. Because what else is the point of having a liberal-arts university?

@nojo: The University of Phil Knight Oregon sure as hell better not try to steal babyfaced David Shaw away from The Tree!

@nojo: I guess the Ducks will go from the fast-paced spread offense to the depressed, clingy offense. As a Bruin, I look forward to this.

@SanFranLefty: No way that’s gonna happen. I see him going pro in a few years. Plus — those Oregon uniforms — feh!

@nojo: Rich Brooks came out here to the national champs conference, the $EC and rebuilt, i mean built the UK football program, sending Knoxville’s own Randall Cobb to the Packers. As soon as Brooks retired UK got shitty again.

So Manti Te’o alleges he was the scamee and was not the scamer? Sounds like a good way to get a lotta sympathy sex under the golden dome.

If he was the scamee, I bet he’s going to have a lot of friends if he starts making NFL money.

Go home, donkey! You’re drunk!

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