All the Mayonnaise in America Won’t Help You Now

“Republicans have run out of persuadable white voters.” —Republican pollster Whit Ayres and Jennifer Korn of the Hispanic Leadership Network, observing that Mitt’s 20-point Haole win didn’t mean squat. [TPM]


Interesting… there is a limit to stupid in US Amercia.

Don’t give up on the Republicans. If GOP state legislatures go after the right to vote with the same enthusiasm they have gutted the right to organize we could be on the verge of a permanent Republican dynasty.

@Dave H: Our poor benighted Hoosier state! The only bright spot is Donnelly’s defeating Mourdock. Meanwhile Vi Simpson’s run for Lt. Gov. took her out of the legislature, and redistricting cost Peggy Welch her seat. If you had tried to tell me twenty years ago how intense my loathing of Republicans would be by this time, I would not have believed that it could increase to this pitch, since I found them appalling way back then.

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