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CBS Sports on Jovan Belcher’s murder/suicide: “Fantasy Analysis: This is a bizarre and tragic incident and there are plenty of details still left out. The Chiefs will play Carolina Week 13 on Sunday and will do so with a very heavy heart. Belcher was just 25 years old out of West Babylon, N.Y. He attended Maine for college and was a four-year NFL veteran. He had 38 tackles and was not a viable Fantasy IDP option in most formats.” [via @gregokuhara, since deleted]


Bon soir, mes vieux. I have absolutely no idea what this is about. Expliquez vous, s’il vous plait. Merci..

@Benedick: It involves Sport, but here goes…

Jovan Belcher is a linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs. This morning he shot his girlfriend, then went to the KC training field where he shot his head off in front of the coach. Fans are now complaining about holding tomorrow’s game as scheduled. And CBS (briefly) updated its Fantasy Football report with the effect of the murder/suicide on standings.

I’m guessing you were better off not knowing.

@nojo: thank you for sharing. I will now go and lose my supper of oeufs biologique, Cotes du Rhone, and baguette traditionel.

I still don’t understand the concept of ‘Football Fantasie”. Is that code for girl on girl action? Or do I not understand this Sport, peut etre mes amis? And plus which douche will be the first douche to label this a greek tragedy?

@Benedick: I — think — it has something to do with creating your own make-believe teams using existing players, which are then “scored” using stats from current games. Something like collecting your dolls action figures and having G.I. Joe team up with Spider-Man.

@Benedick: If you’re going to start throwing le francais around, we’re going to ask about you-know-where.

@nojo: as Edith Piaf famously once said, Zees ees Greeque to me. Puss zee gin, bebe.

@Mistress Cynica: if you’re wondering who was acclaimed from the stage at the end of the first perf and was compelled to stand to take a bow while holding one hand to heart to the actors just like Les Enfants du Paradis… And oui le Tour Eiffel did somehow magically appear outside one’s taxi window as le chauffeur corrected one’s grammar on the way home to one’s hovel jusque off la rue Montmartre.

A nice pair of corduroy pantaloons are 298 euros. As the actress said to the bishop, “I should cocoa.”

@Dodgerblue: On to more important Sport issues – should I be looking forward to a pic of you in the Sandbox standing on the Great Wall of China wearing the “Fear the Tree” shirt I gifted you post U$C-Tree earlier this season?

A pic of you on a ferry in Hong Kong would do, too. And I can introduce you to some of my Tree buddies who are in HK if you need some expats to show you around. Ironically, I just realized you might meet one of them as she is a bamboo hugger. We shall see. She has a hippie environmentalist first name.

@Benedick: In this context, I’d go with “Tree”.

@SanFranLefty: I could very well soon be in possession of an O!Burma t-shirt.

ADD: our regional enviro officer has a seasonal given and arboreal surname. I asked her if she ever considered studying mathematics, and got nary a chuckle.

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