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[NYT: Biden at Costco – Not an Onion Article]

So Andrew Breitbart’s former house is for sale in Hell-LAy, and–Drudge Siren–I actually like it(!). Not a fan of the exterior–with the caterwonky massing clearly utilized to maximize interior square footage and not aesthetics–but the interior is fun, vibrant, and light. Classic California dream home. Not that I’d live there (Coultergeists), but I’d totally steal the look.

The commenters have gotten unusually personal though. Wasn’t it obvious that he was a total cokehead?

@¡Andrew!: What? No limo lift? How could a good conservative live there?

This gives me the feeling that the ship is sinking and we’re just “bidin” our time until we get the Silent Spring event where the food stops growing and it becomes obvious to the rest of the population that “we’re toast.” This is happening globally. There is no leadership and chaos will result.
No one, and perhaps no life at all, will survive what we’ve “created” (runaway climate change) by living this way and is bound to occur within our generation. It will last uncountable thousands of years. Hopefully the Earth recovers and next time a real homoSAPIENS (which we decidedly are NOT, currently) species evolves and spends its time in stewardship to the environment, doesn’t overpopulate beyond the carrying capacity of their area, remains tribal and small and lives peacefully for millenia.

As in the old warped tale of Pinocchio (from Rocky and Bullwinkle), in which Gepetto harshly exclaims to his puppet “Stay wood, boy, stay wood!” and that would be my advise for the next species.


ok, back to living as usual . . .

@¡Andrew!: I’m appealed that that tool was able to afford something like that. Unjust…

@¡Andrew!: y’all are hurtin’ out there if that place lists for a million whatever. it would list for about $349,900 here in east redneckistan with about 6k for closing costs and sell for $299,000 with 5k in closing costs. can you rent a 2br, 1 bath house in the LA area for 1k a month? if so i might have to secede from the secessionists out here and migrate west. hopefully Obama hasn’t fenced off the CSA yet and I can get out while the gettin’ is still good. these people out here are still way pissed about the re-election. much worst than 2008 when they knew what would happen because of W.

@jwmcsame: No. Triple that, unless you want to live in a barred-window pitbull neighborhood.

@jwmcsame: As I like to say, my Sandy Eggo rent pays for the weather.

@jwmcsame: Housing costs here on the Best Coast are flat-out nuts period–even after the crash–which is especially galling since 99% of the architecture is totally banal.

I don’t understand whatever it is that gives people the Cross-Eyed Real Estate KRAY-ZEE, but no matter how fugly some house is, there’s some a$$hole who’ll pay $5 million if it’s in the right neighborhood.

Dodgerblues vs Leftys about to begin at the muddy Farm for the Pac-12 football championship. I am distracted by the Fox TV analyst-bimbo; how do they make her hair do that?

@Dodgerblue: Congrats to the denizens of the Tree, condolences to Dodgerblue.

@Dodgerblue: It’s haunted by the unquiet ghost of Breitbart himself. Late at night you can hear him whine “Behave Yourself! Behave Yourself!”

@Walking Still: @Dodgerblue: I wish I had seen the game but Springsteen did play “E Street Shuffle” and “Kitty’s Back,” two rarities.

@Tommmcatt May Just Have Some MJ In His System As Well, So What?: KC Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher. Did it at the stadium training area in front of his GM and coach after killing his girlfriend.

@SanFranLefty: In Virginia last night, Neil Young played my song for me: “Comatose but walking still…Why do I keep fucking up?”

Glad we both had good music nights.

@Walking Still: Neil was making me laugh on Jon Stewart the other night. He’s something else – I want to read his book.

So are you full time east coast yet or still Bay Area? Tell Mrs WS hola for me.

@SanFranLefty: I’m still based in the beautiful Bay Area, but struggling mightily to secure my release from EPA’s grip. 50-50 chance I’ll be living in DC by February.

I’m visiting Ms. Still this week and will pass along your greetings. We’re having dinner with number 1 son and his wife tonight.

@¡Andrew!: I’m intrigued by the ironic use of a Jefferson portrait hanging over some credenza or other.

@Benedick: Gawd Himself would live in Beverly Hills, if only He had the munnie.

@SanFranLefty: His autobio is, so far, pretty decent. Not as captivatingly rambling as – say – Dylan’s Chronicles, hardly as poetic as Pete Townshend’s ab (who knew Pete was a dancer?), and far too self-referential about being sober (I know, it’s an autobiography, but still…) but totes Neil. His new album, however, has yet to grow on me. “Drifting Back” is 27 minutes of lyrical diarrhea, but the sonics are solid.

@Walking Still: I drifted in and out of sleep to John Cash’s cover of Pocahontas on the 29th of my 30 hours of travel that wrapped today. One of my favorite NY shows was in San Antonio, when he had Social Distortion and Sonic Youth opening up for him.

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