Hail to the Spangled Darter

Welcome to the annals of taxonomy Etheostoma Obama or “Spangled Darter”, one of five new species declared last week by Commie Ichthyologists at Saint Louis University.

The other four? Etheostoma Gore, Etheostoma JimmyCarter, Etheostoma TeddyRoosevelt, and Etheostoma Clinton. You get the idea.

Rumors that the researchers also discovered a bottom-feeding invertebrate named Gastropoda Romney have proven untrue.

Barack Obama Now Has A Fish Named After Him [BuzzFeed]

I’m wondering, what would be a representative species for Cheney, W and Rmoney?

@ManchuCandidate: Chenii Selachii, Hirudinea Bushea, Romneyes Caribes.

Funny if they named a Fluke after Romney …

Credit where due:

What’s slippery, has a small brain, and can’t see what’s right in front of it?

Yes, it’s the Daily Tucker. But were the circumstances reversed, I’d pick the same angle.

@nojo: Ironic commentary from a bottom-feeding blog.

@Walking Still: That link to the “10 who had their 15 minutes in 2012” brought back memories of the glory days when Herman Cain put out the bizarre ad with his campaign manager smoking. You didn’t see the buttoned-down Romney campaign doing an homage to The X Files.

I expect a YouTube video of some Wall Street cretin feeding these in his fish tank to an oscar named Rove.

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