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Who Is The Craziest Right Winger?


I have gone up and down the list and I don’t see Hermann Cain!
He was a top contender for most powerful man in the Universe and
replaced replacing Neal Boortz on the radio in Jan 2013 and is the self proclaimed ”Dean of the University of Common Sense.'”
He’s still a relevant crazy right winger.

I’m I wrong?

What, no Pamela Geller? All in all a good list, though. And hard to argue with the order.

I tried adding Herman Cain! but I kept getting an error before login complete. Boo!


Ah yes, I see the actual list is much longer than the little snippet you’ve posted above. Pretty accurate, IMHO. Beck should definitely rank #1 in any serious list of crazy conservatives. Though as you plum the depths you start running into people I consider more pathetic than crazy (David Brooks, William Kristol).

I went with Pam Gellar. Everybody else seems to have a pinky toe dipped in reality, except maybe Louis Gomert. I think Beck is just an opportunistic snake-oil salesman- if he could make big money selling child porn and not get in trouble he’d do that too.

Awesome, though personally I would place Louis Gohmert 1st with Bachmann and Santorum close behind. The others are all part of the Conservative Entertainment Complex and so I doubt they actually believe a word they say so I wouldn’t count them as being crazy. Unpleasant, yes. Strident and ignorant, certainly. Part of the problem is that they’re not crazy enough. Apart from Louis.

@Benedick: I’m not ranking them, the readers are … and yeah, Gohmert is up there. I also can’t believe I forgot about K-Lo and James O’Keefe.

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