But How Was the Movie, Mrs. Lincoln?

[via @BuzzFeedAndrew]

@mellbell: There goes the GOP’s mole in the administration.

@mellbell: Interesting. So Betrayus is gonna spend more time with his family, no doubt. I hope there’s an intrepid Veronica Mars out there who’s digging up the real story.

@¡Andrew!: Do you really want the down-low on that particular surge?

@mellbell: Is that all it took?

Still looking forward to Holder slinking away.

That is bad… not as funny as seeing back to back commercials for Time Life Gospel Music and Girls Gone Wild.

Does this mean we can’t allow heterosexuals in the military because of the danger posed by their known propensity to engage in compromising sexual liaisons that might threaten national security?

Also too, it’s not totally Petraeus’ fault. When he heard Ms. Broadwell was embedding with him, he thought that meant he was under orders to bunk with her..

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