Dumber and Dumber and Dumber …

She might be dumber than Virginia Foxx …


3:04 am • Tuesday • October 30, 2012

She cites AMC – American Motors Corp. – it’s been out of business since the 80s … this is a seriously dumb legislator. Can’t someone run against her and show how fucking dumb she is?

3:21 am • Tuesday • October 30, 2012

We really need to regulate GOP ignorance. I’ve never seen such a sad collection of ignorant twits.

9:12 am • Tuesday • October 30, 2012

It’s an alternative reality. I’m going back to watching cats bounce.

2:02 pm • Tuesday • October 30, 2012

@blogenfreude: The US KKKongress is like a bad zombie flick. We’ve never heard so many people screamin’ that they need brains.

4:49 pm • Tuesday • October 30, 2012

Times really are tough in the U. S. auto industry. U.S. auto sales last month rose 13 percent to 1,188,865 new vehicles. The wider availability of cheap financing also spurred sales. Toyta is on the rebound. GM, the largest U.S. automaker, said sales of its mini, small and compact cars nearly doubled last month. Ford’s small car sales rose about 73 percent, while fuel prices rose. But, I guess that American Motors going out of business ruins it for everyone.

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