Fuck Faith

Title: “Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife”

Author: Eben Alexander, M.D.

Rank: 1

Blurb: “While his body lay in coma, Alexander journeyed beyond this world and encountered an angelic being who guided him into the deepest realms of super-physical existence. There he met, and spoke with, the Divine source of the universe itself.”

Review: “I particularly liked his honesty in dealing with his battles with depression, and his sense of rejection stemming from his having been an adopted child.”

Customers Also Bought: “The Rainbow Bridge: Pet Loss Is Heaven’s Gain” by Niki Behrikis Shanahan.

Footnote: If you need proof, you’re doing it wrong.

Proof of Heaven [Amazon]

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The guy who came up with the idea for that book about how his son briefly died on the operating table and saw Jesus and his grandma and Ronald Reagan and all the wonderful stuff that’s up there in heaven waiting for us when we die… genius… pure fucking marketing genius. It’s like the iPad of cheezy “what I saw while I was clinically dead for 15 minutes” stories.

Shit, if that’s all that people require for “proof of heaven”, they could have just gotten hold of some Ayahuasca and called it a day. ;)

If, when I die, my Nana greets me and hands me a stuffed veal chop, then I’ll believe.

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