Let Us Not Speak of Last Night Again

We post this Cute Puppy Video in the hope that we can look forward, not back, and WE’VE LOST A POD! WE’VE LOST A POD! WE’VE LOST A POD! WE’VE LOST A POD! WE’VE LOST A POD!

Fuck. Conscience is a bitch.

[via Sully]

For the record, I am *not* hungover this morning from last night’s horribleness & whiskey.

You know they had Mitt juiced up on shots of Mountain Dew with a chaser of mendacity, right?

@rptrcub: No, I certainly get no sense of hangover among the Stinquerati. I’ll just close this door very quietly on my way out, so we can all get on with our “Dear god, did that really just happen?” hangovers headaches.

@IanJ: The only thing that would have saved it would have been a late-night announcement that the Iran regime fell and we were being greeted as liberators.

“Sorry,” said The President, “but I had something else on my mind.”

@nojo: Well, I noticed Iran complaining about cyberattacks. That might count.

@IanJ: Actually, the bottom just fell out of their currency trading — specifically, the black-market dollar rate. Unrest all over the place, and Ahmadinejad’s blaming the embargo, although I haven’t seen any proximate cause.

This I know because The Neighbor has Kurdish family in Iran, which sent me hunting down a BBC story. But hey, the foreign-policy debate is later this month.

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