zOMG! Rats!

You have heard me gush about my market, Fairway. This is the latest scandale on the UWS – first rats in the produce section, then a mouse in the olives:


Mice and rats in Manhattan? Say it isn’t so!

Please – this sort of thing, and cockroaches, are the price we pay for the absence of earthquakes, flash floods, wildfires, mudslides and the like. Sure we’re overdue for a big one, and yes my building, a year old when the Titanic went down, isn’t exactly earthquake proof, but I am glad to be here and relieved not to live on the San Andreas fault.


Just checked the fridge – bought olives from those bins 2 weeks ago. And I shall finish them.

@blogenfreude: Funny how mice are so easy breezy and can urinate and defecate without a blush. Any ho, I’m sure after two weeks in your fridge any microbes are throughly dead. Salmonellosis, Hantavirus no worries.
ADD: I stopped buying bulk olives in my North Dallas grocery after finding a hair in the Castelvetranos

@texrednface: Should I die, I’ll post and let you know.

So, BF, should you ever come to the DFW area to take me up on my offer to drive my GT-R, will I need to have you fumigated at the airport before you set foot in it?

@txrednface: Which North Dallas grocery was that? I’m in Carrollton. From the variety selection, sounds like CM on Coit near 190 aka GHWFB tollway.

For Blogenfreude and Txrednface:

Did I mention that about 39 years ago I worked in a lab with a bunch of transfer chemists from USDA and FDA who liked to turn off the newbies with stories about allowable rodent hairs, rodent feces, and insect parts in almost all products like peanut butter for starters [one of the worst], and thousands more still in your shelves today.

Of course, “Organic” may be worse for shit too small for you to see as no pesticides were allowed.

We all live on a planet, and there will ALWAYS be contamination too small for you to find in the grocery store. Get used to it, vote for people who’ll vote to minimize it, and live with it it.

So when I say “Eat shit”, I mean no disrespect. I just mean to acknowledge reality. And even “Eat shit and die” is but an inevitable result of living that will happen to all of us someday. So it’s just a proper formal signoff.

With proper respect to you two, then,

Eat shit and die,

Your friend,

Rev Zafod

@RevZafod: all sorts of little bits of things in our food that are permitted to be there – I look at it through George Carlin’s lens … if you swim in raw sewage when you’re a kid, there’s not much that can fuck with you later in life.

@RevZafod: Yes Cm.
But WholePuds is far worse. They will knowingly put out rotten food.
I am more offended by child peepee/feces/snotty hands all over the product, the rats and mice can’t help themselves.

My thoughts are that more Upper West Siders w/ cameras head for Fairway. Not to speak ill of Trader Joe’s or Upper West Side Market, or Pioneer Grocery but … YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Hey SFL, wha hoppen? I was out with some friends, came home and saw that the Huskies peed on the Tree.

I understand there is no extra charge for the added protein.

Are you kidding me? Do you eat “out” at all (like in delis and restaurants, sorry about the visual)? Well the various local (intensional) Bored of Health laws are only enforced every now and again (unless there are complaints) due to budget constraints, so you can only imagine what’s crawling around back there in the kitchens. Beside that, and far worse as far as i’m concerned, is the toxic crap that Archers-Daniel-Midland and Monsanto are adding to our unlabelled food at all levels (for Monsanto it starts from their seed, fer cryssake)! You’ve seen the French study i assume.

Don’t get me started on food. Before long we all may be dumpster diving for protein and fat. Food shortages are on the way, hair and whatever be damned.


I think sterilizing everything may be a cause of immune deficiencies. Raising kids in a semi-sterile environment just lets the stronger bugs breed. “Kills 99.9% of bacteria” lets the 0.1% come back stronger and resistant.

That and using antibiotics in cattle feed, and over-prescribing them by MDs breeds disaster for all of us.

I’m happy to be 71 so I won’t have to worry about something like airborne Ebola as long as you youngsters will.

You CAN kill biotics in food by loading it with pesticides, but then you need to deal with their effects.

So vote for the side that will do the most for scientific solutions to our problems. Hint: Republican is not in its name.

And don’t clean too much. I figure my global travels in the past 20 years to such places as Mexico, Curacao, Indonesia, Turkey, Ukraine, Australia, Netherlands, and more and eating local food have helped build my immune system, and even eating my homegrown fruit straight off the tree.

When I first started traveling, I sometimes got Montezuma’s Revenge, but not in the last 15-18 years. So exploring the world may help you live better and longer.

@RevZafod: First thing I do in a new country is eat the street food. Even a day or two of the squirts is worth the relative immunity I build up over the long haul. I think the last time I had dysentery was in the 1980s…

@RevZafod: I have always had an iron constitution and have often laughingly attributed it to living in Ibadan, Nigeria for two years in the early ’70s. As a kid, I had zero respect for screams of “OMG! that fruit hasn’t been bleached” coming from the adults. I dream about delicious Nigerian street food.

@karen marie still has her eyes tight shut: My occasional consumption of a dirty-water street dog is the same, yet different.

All I’m saying is ‘Murricans may be killing their kids by insulating them from disease too much, and that may be the final downfall of the USA when the ignored climate change happens and the pampered pets have no resistance to the newly energized diseases.

But why should I care, with no kids? Only breeders should care.

Fuck ’em all, the long and the short and the tall, as the ancient ditty goes.

Long live our new cockroach masters.

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