Chuck Schumer Learns the Fine Art of Trolling

“Mainstream Republicans have confided in Sen. Chuck Schumer that they intend to regain control of the GOP from the tea party wing if Mitt Romney loses the election, the New York Democrat told reporters Thursday.” [TPM]


I’m getting popcorn ready by the bushel-ful for all of this.

@rptrcub: Industrial-strength popcorn if the Demrats take back the House. I don’t see Big Mouth Harry dropping the filibuster — that would be an event — but at least we can feast on the anguish of teabaggers for awhile.

@nojo: Am I too mature to gloat over my opponents’ mishaps? Nooooooooooo. But I am careful not to do the Snoopy dance prematurely.

Hazmat departments in the red states will soon be overwhelmed from the toxic waste emanating from the upcoming de-teafestation. Will all the misspelled signs be allowed in landfills? I hope not. What if a little kid were to dig one up years from now and see the picture of Obama with the rams horns or the Obama witch doctor poster. Will republican’ts be forced to take spelling tests now when registering to vote and of course applying for voter ID?

I was almost certain after 2010 that the Teabaggers would be absorbed into the GOP and then told to wait their turn and vote the mainstream GOP line. Instead, the GOP gave them the keys to the house, whereupon they threw a big anti-government party and trashed everything. They could have called me back then and avoided the hangover.

@nojo: I am beginning to wonder if there would be serious talk of secession in the former Confederacy if that scenario were to come true. Because it worked so great the first time.

@Dodgerblue: Usual boilerplate applies. I’m still enjoying the moment, because I’m a citizen, and it’s my right.

If I was a politician, or even a Gloating Late-Evening MSNBC Host, I’d certainly cool it. Instead, I’d focus attention on the ground game — GOTV and voter-suppression — and ask whether the numbers will translate into results.

Big Mouth Harry, for example, was destined to lose against Crazy Sharron. But the Vegas politics geek pointed out that the Nevada GOP had absolutely no organization, meaning nobody was making friendly reminder phone calls. Blowing all your bucks on advertising doesn’t cut it.

I’m hearing hints of that this round: Besides spamming us ten times a day, Team Obama also has field offices all over the place. Team Mitt, not so much. I’d like to hear more detail about that.

@nojo: I got a call yesterday from from the Yamhill County Obama campaign asking for phone bank help. I’m going to try to give them a couple of hours before I start living on planes for a month.

@nojo: Next time an intelligent, attractive guy emails me with the subject line “Dinner?” it had better not be Barack Obama.

@mellbell: I liked “I don’t care if it’s you, Nojo”. Of course, I get that a lot.

@nojo: T/J: See the sandbox. I keep my promises.

From what I read in July was that Obama had 700 staffers already and Romboto had 200 and was still organizing/hiring.

@ManchuCandidate: Conservatives mocked Obama for being a “community organizer,” but they overlooked the fact that he knew something about organizing.

@Dodgerblue: You provided me with the highlight of my day. That and leaving work early enough so I could go jogging/walking in Golden Gate Park when it was still light out.

@ManchuCandidate: @matador1015: The WaPo had an alarming article this morning about the conservative ground game in Wisconsin and some other battleground states. Apparently their GTFOGOTV efforts may not be quite as flat-footed as in 2008. I’d link to it, but am too lazy because…

@SanFranLefty: …I saw those on my midnight train from Georgia Avenue last night. Very nice. Somehow I managed to get up early enough this AM to run along the Potomac.

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