Articles We Didn’t Finish Reading Because We Were Too Busy Laughing Our Asses Off


@ManchuCandidate: He was handy, and his reputation as a wingnut asshole can’t get any crappier.

Anybody else find it odd that he’s arguing that the SoS should resign because a handful of diplomats got killed? By that logic, the entire Bush administration and all of their advisors should have committed mass seppuku on the White House lawn 9/12/01…

Right, and we’re supposed to give a shit about the opinions of a guy whose last gig involved promoting Creationism in U.S. schools.

Would have been nice if they did considering what followed.

Clint Eastwood, troll or greatest troll?

@al2o3cr: I’m trying to remember who the Speaker of the House was at the time. I’d rather it have been in 2007 when Nancy Pelosi was in charge.

@ManchuCandidate: I remember when that dipshit visited my higher-education employer. Ugh. His message was Randian, as to be expected.

@rptrcub: Hastert — the trivia question between Newt and Nancy.

@ManchuCandidate: Having seen several trolls just recently in Iceland, Clint fits the bill.

I used to think Stein’s political schtick was an elaborate performance piece, but he’s drunk the Kool Aid. He’a allegedly smart, so how can he buy into this shit? Most GOP “intellectuals” are Jonah Goldbergs – fact challenged monsters, unread, incurious …. Eh, I give up.

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