You Say Dictation, I Say Stenography

NBC political “tip sheet” First Read: “Even the video tribute to Ted Kennedy was an uppercut to Romney, which led to RNC Chair Reince Priebus to express his disgust for using Kennedy from the grave in an attack.”

Looks more like whining from here, but whatever.


That never stopped Bitpart’s idiot disciples to throw Bitpart’s name.

“which led to RNC Chair Reince Priebus to feign his disgust”

Have one on me, Chuck.

Since I’m in a bitchy mood today: Just like national polls that are electorally meaningless, reports on state polls that don’t include the electoral context are useless.

Ohio’s turning towards Mitt? Well, yes, that is interesting, presuming it’s not an outlier or post-convention bounce. It would be even more interesting if you noted that under current electoral counts, Obama could lose Ohio and still win by a landslide.

Not counting margin-of-error states, Mitt’s never sustainably topped 200. And counting the margin-of-error states, Obama keeps cruising over 300. Mitt never gets the break in close polls.

Where’s Yoda Pez hiding?

@Dodgerblue: Between journalism and philosophy, no. In retrospect, both were a study of language.

@nojo: I took a philos of language class at UCLA. I can’t tell you what “truth” means in the context of a sentence. There’s a Paul Ryan joke in there, but I’ll let it go.

@Dodgerblue: Truth, as any Ludwig Groupie knows, is a language game. There are facts in the world (and in the universe), but attempting to philosophically relate them to language is a fool’s errand.

@Benedick: Stand back…

But is it senseless to say “Stand roughly there”? Suppose that I were standing with someone in a city square and said that. As I say it I do not draw any kind of boundary, but perhaps point with my hand — as if I were indicating a particular spot.

And with that, decades of philosophical literalism flushes down the toilet.

@nojo: There is Bertrand Russell’s famous letter to Frege, wiping out in a single paragraph decades of effort to define truth by mathematical logic, not to mention Frege’s career. Didn’t bother Bertie too much, he went on to other pursuits such as women.

@Dodgerblue: Bloomsbury is the intersection of literature and philosophy. Or something like that.

@nojo: God, I could use a stiff Merlot right now.

@nojo: I’m going to the ball game tonight. Burned hot dogs, overpriced warm beer. Thanks to a wacky play at the last game I attended, I now fully understand the infield fly rule.

@Dodgerblue: For fifth-grade Nojo, the Infield Fly Rule was Something the Clumsy Right-Fielder Doesn’t Have to Deal With.

Beauty’s truth,
Truth beauty,
Gabriel blow your
Root toot tooty.

@nojo: Bloomsbury is the intersection of snobbery and bitchery.

@nojo: I could use something stiff as well.

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