Look in Vain for the Union Label

Let’s start this week’s festivities with a complete list of unionized hotels in Charlotte, North Carolina:


Oh. Right. NC’s a “right-to-work” state. Whoops! Well, just remember, Democrats are looking out for you, as long as it’s convenient. And our DNC Open Thread/Open Shop is looking out for you as well. But please, no tipping. It only spoils the help.


After Tweety’s Obamaporn MSNBC special last night, turns out he’s still got another load to shoot.

@Dodgerblue: He’s getting rid of the filibuster if the Dems keep the Senate?

@nojo: Uh, no.

Nancy Pelosi is up at bat. Where is SFL?

@Dodgerblue: Remember, nobody counts until 10pm Eastern, when the networks kick in. Nancy and Harry are warm-up acts.

There are liberals on the tee-vee, Ma!

Add: nice use of archival Teddy v Romney footage. That was an inside fastball in a very close game.

I’ve been to Aurora, CO!


NARAL at DNC. I’m truly impressed.

When do we get to the part about ass-raping the banksters and throwing them out of helicopters over the Pacific?


Where’s the fucking menu?

Tammy Duckworth should be at every fucking campaign stop for Obama.

Joe Walsh is going to whine about that Tammy Duckworth speech.

Meanwhile: independents are saying to themselves — I can’t possibly be as boring as Lincoln Chaffee, can I?

Tammy! Tell America you want FUCKING REVENGE! You want to stuff a fucking bayonet into the eyes of the bankster fucks that are funding the criminal psychopath Romney!

@FlyingChainSaw: fresh glass for your next caipirinha, sir?

Shorter Lincoln Chafee: Moderation in pursuit of New England WASPishness is a virtue.

@Beggars Biscuit: And yr problem with this is… what, exactly?

Man, I wish my voice could only travel two notes and sound like a high-school student body presidential address.

Reince just bitched that “classless Dems” were using video of Dead Kennedy to attack Romney. G-g-g-ghosts!

@nojo: The Jon Stewart setup of Saint Ronnie references last week is in the can already.

Oh, wow — the kid is crying on cue. That’s impressive.

@Beggars Biscuit: I’m drinking lighter fluid – fucking lit.

@chicago bureau: If there is a God, Walsh will bitch that he’s fighting Duckworth with one hand tied behind his back.

Lincoln, ask for fucking revenge! The American value that is most important in this hour is justice and the guilty must experience the glory of having their livers ripped out and eaten in front of them.

@ChainSaw: It’s gonna be OK. Breathe. People love you. Breathe.

Smile. Zoe! There are tens of millions of Republican that fucking hate you and want to cook you and eat you and every breath you take is FUCKING REVENGE!

@nojo: There’s in post on that 30-second spot. The Foley guy is wondering why he needs so many knives for the audio sweetening.

FUCK THEM ALL! FUCK THEM ALL! We WANT TO SEE THESE FUCKING PEOPLE WATCH EACH OTHER FUCKING DIE! Rip out their livers and piss in the wounds! And laugh! And drink! And curse them to FUCKING HELL! DIE, MOTHERFUCKERS!

Fuck Obama. Ask these people the DELICIOUS GLORY of eating MITT’S FUCKING LIVER! You fuck my job, asshole, I RIP OUT YOUR EYES AND SKULL FUCK YOU! DIE!

@FlyingChainSaw: I’d be OK with seeing Mitt on the same stage with Duckworth. He would melt into a puddle of stinking piss.

Asshole, RIP OUT HUSTED’S FUCKING EYES and SKULL FUCK him to DEATH! That piece of shit is going to fuck the Ohio vote. Are you ready to stop that piece of shit? Tell me HOW! TELL ME HOW!

Obamacare is compassionate conservatism. That thought is only two years late.

@Dodgerblue: TAMMY needs to empty a clip into his fucking head and rip his fucking eyes out and eat them. EAT HIS FACE, TAMMY!

TAMMY, suck out Mitt’s eyes and chew hearty and spit them into the face of his RNC cultists.

@chicago bureau: Oh, I am perfectly cheerful. But thanks for helping.

FUCKER! Mittfuck loves sending jobs to fucking China! They have no fucking prohibition against SLAVERY! DIE, ROMFUCK, DIE!





@FlyingChainSaw: She is a trained killer. And talk about badass — the locals fire a RPG into the chopper she is piloting and it explodes in her lap. 8 years later, she walks out on a stage on national TV on her artificial legs and rocks the hall.

@FlyingChainSaw: cc: RedState, Townhall, NRO. We could use the publicity.

@nojo: You have links? I am interpreting your comment as an entreaty to visit these places as FCS of Stinque.com and expose them to the truth.

@FlyingChainSaw: No links. Just the thought that we would make a fabulous whipping horse for them. And then right-thinking Lefties would disown us, and I could retire on the Google Ad money.

@nojo: See! They’re cannibals! They want to eat our faces! I’ll see if I can remember my RedState credentials for login.

I met this guy in DC, on a contract. He walked into a restaurant where I was entertaining an old buddy working for the FAA. I stood and in all seriously, said, Rahm, great to see you again and he pretended he fucking knew me. What an asshole. Rahm, tell people to go and rip out Romboid’s eyes and skull fuck him.

Oh, fuck you, no one can believe that shit, asshole.

@FlyingChainSaw: Exactly. If we can piss off everybody at once, we win.

They know we’re fucked. They just want to see the Citi and Goldman Sachs assholes stuffed into helicopters and thrown out over parking lots. Cut the shit.

Asshole! We need a Nuremberg for the Bush Administration!

Asshole! America wants FUCKING REVENGE!

America wants to see fascist scum like Cheney beheaded on TV!

Yeah, Mickey’s brother. We need him to palm Mittfuck and throw him off of a bridge.

Your mon would POWER CHUCK if she saw the vile horror that the MBA class has inflicted on higher education. BAN MBAs from university management!

The DNC leadership must have drugged Rahm. What happened to the Undersecretary of Go Fuck Yourself?

@nojo: Yeah, and her accent really sells it.

@Dodgerblue: Bama, apparently. Makes me realize that the problem with Drawl is the people usually speaking it.

You want fair pay? Take over the factory and strap bombs to yourself and tell management you’re ready to take the fucking place out! Ban all Chinese imports as the product of slave labor! FUCK THE PRC!


Deval Patrick is Not Badass, but he’s trying real hard.


Well, a pleasant surprise. Really rather well done. With real people and some very good speeches. Watched on MSNBC after the awful PBS coverage proved too much to take. I could barely understand anything Jesse Jackson said and everyone was so damn old and either peevish or glum or both. Brooks and Shields both look they were up way past bedtime. Ms Maddow doing very well and the whole line up surprisingly effective.

Unless we are members of a union we don’t get to bitch about non-union hotels. Just saying.

Glad to see FCS getting in the spirit of things.

4 More Years!

FUCK, WHO cares about Obama? We want every bankster at or above EVP on Wall Street in jail in a wedding dress in a cell with 20 serial killers. Tell us about how Obama will avenge America, assholes!


Would’ve been better to have footage of the Dead Kennedys attacking – bonus points if they sing along to “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” during it. ;)

@Benedick: Grandpa organized lumber mills on the Oregon Coast in the thirties and forties. Mom retired as a public employee; Dad was a member of the Newspaper Guild until the local paper got into a pissing match with the NLRB over him.

Me? Freelance.

Is the mayor of San Antonio even 30 yet?

And I LOVED the way they had her introduced by a woman with five sons, like Mitt & Anne Romney, four of them in the mililtary UNLIKE any singe Romney son.

I haven’t been watching much of this, but so far it’s been: Obama is so much unlike Mitt Romney, and that’s a good thing.

Lawrence O’Donnell — no other First Lady could give a speech like that.

And suddenly Lawrence’s Friend Of Bill status is on shaky ground.

She seems a lot more polished than four years ago — lots of practice.

Also, remember the purpose of her first speech? To prove to America that Barack Obama wasn’t a terrorist mooslim. Not on the agenda tonight.

I’m sure y’all noticed the proud, positive talk about gay marriage tonight. Never thought I would see that.

@Dodgerblue: I’m still in shock that (a) somebody from NARAL spoke, and (b) she used the A-word. Demrats have been ducking social issues for so long, I forgot what it sounded like.

When are we going to get to the good parts about SKULL FUCKING THE GUILTY!?

@FlyingChainSaw: Unfortunately, they punted on the war criminals and banksters years ago. Because justice would split the nation.

@Serolf Divad: Also, mentioning that her father who had MS went to work every day–unlike some people with dancing horsies. The speech was full of subtle digs like that, really highlighting the differences between the candidates and the parties.

@Mistress Cynica: I read a comment on Twitter that the RNC was about fear and this one about aspiration.

Oh — and I just got an email from Julian Castro.

@Dodgerblue: That late? Mine arrived within a minute.

I was right peeved that I couldn’t get the Obama campaign’s livestream to work. I was promised Kal Penn! Settled for MSNBC livestream. No chat, just speeches, at least the parts that I saw. Was in the middle of a series of card games and I was giving my partner a stroke because I was distracted by Lily Ledbetter. Was glad I managed to get back for the last half of Michelle’s speech. She was brilliant.

Sign me up for the disembowelment party when it starts.

@Dodgerblue: God bless you, hon. I noticed that too. Tonight, gay marriage wasn’t a problem we have to deal with, it was an asset we haven’t allowed ourselves to made use of.

I’m proud to be a Democrat tonight. It’s not a perfect party, but it’s a party with its heart in the right place.

@nojo: Are you shitting me? Who wouldn’t shriek in delight watching Ken Lewis being beaten to death with a shovel?

@Dodgerblue: Pelosi spun off a quick Joe Hill-inspired “Don’t agonize, organize” during her appearance on PBS coverage last night. I liked it.

Haven’t seen She Who Must Be Obeyed yet but I thought they did very well last night. I even thought it looked well designed. I know. Shocker. Call be a cock-eyed optimist but I’m actually looking forward to tonight.

All in all a pretty terrific night. 3 first rate speeches – Patrick, Castro, and Obama – and a lot of other impressive speakers – Ledbetter, et al. In tone, a world away from Tampa and its cramped nastiness.

Michelle O looked wonderful and spoke very much to the point. I’ve said it before but this is one of the most accomplished and charming public families I know. The dress was sensational though I was not persuaded by the blue nail polish: a contribution from the girls? Best tailoring was the impeccable fit of Emanuel’s shirt/tie/jacket combo which made me wonder how instrumental he has been in shaping the president’s tailoring. Also impressive was the elegant shoulder line to his suit.

And how moving, for obvious reasons, to have the lives of gay Americans made to be part of the fabric of the whole.

Words cannot express how sad I am that I was on a plane Tuesday night and unable to join the rest of you in ooohing and ahhhing over Shelley Oh!’s fabulous speech and dress, and of course laughing my ass off at the thoughts of FlyingChainSaw. And I missed Wednesday’s speech by Bubba et al. Got a text from a friend saying Hillbot’s hair was horrific. Hope to be able to join y’all for Unicorn’s speech on Thursday night, but it may not happen due to the amount of work I’m cramming into the next few weeks.

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