Romney Campaign Beats The Yes Men to the Punchline

“Gov. Mitt Romney’s campaign toasted its top donors Wednesday aboard a 150-foot yacht flying the flag of the Cayman Islands.” The yacht is called — wait for it — the Cracker Bay. [ABC]

Update: It’s Bermuda. We should know better than to trust Brian Ross.

Update II:

Upon further review, there are in fact multiple Cayman Island flags, and it appears that the original report by ABC News’ Brian Ross correctly identified the flag flying on the boat in question. The Washington Free Beacon regrets the error.

We should know better than to trust the Washington Free Beacon.

Right-Wing Site Falsely Accuses ABC News Of Misreporting Romney Party Yacht’s Cayman Flag [Mediaite]

@texrednface: This has moved from the realm of Entertainment to Meta-Entertainment.

/from the Oh-No-She-Ditunt! files/

Marie Anntoinette Romney urges Hispanic voters to get past “their biases.”

@¡Andrew!: They’re welcome to work at the estate — as long as Mitt’s still running for preznident, for goodness sake.

The Romneys’ attitude is clear, it’s that they don’t understand why someone doesn’t just give him the job. They do not understand that we all make the decision. Well, those of us who don’t live in states with voter suppression laws.

@¡Andrew!: A “Who let the Diegos out?” moment. “That tiny island” was a particularly charming utterance. Oh that Ann – she really brings some zest to the ticket, doesn’t she?

@flypaper: Holy effin’ shit – she doubled or tripled down in the patronizing shit:

” I had the most rocking time in Puerto Rico at a political rally than I’ve ever had in my entire life,” Romney said. “You people really know how to party. It was crazy!”

Romney added that the trip was a “wonderful chance” to “peak* [sic] into a culture and a vibrancy and energy, a passion that I saw form that little island that really what represents the best in America.”

“It is what you give to that country, a vibrancy, a color, a fabric of family and joy that anyone who is near your community recognizes that and feels it coming from you,” Romney said.

She reminds me of an ex-boyfriend’s Jesus freak white blob of a mother who said that I was “so ethnic and colorful” with my curly hair and use of spices in cooking.

*I’m assuming the use of “peak” instead of “peek” is a mistake by the AP reporter taking down her comments.

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