Never Let a Graphic Go to Waste

BozoGate: The Complete Saga [Stinque]

“Big Boi of OUTKAST and 12 others retweeted you”

If it doesn’t stick, it won’t be for lack of trying.

But Mittens isn’t as mental as Christine O’Donnell.


I think.


The discussion of the ur-Bozo made that thing fucking MOTOR.

@chicago bureau: Since Mitt is solely a soulless marketing machine, you don’t really know.

I made some notes awhile back toward a post comparing Mitt to 1980 Teddy — “Why are you running for president?” — but it never quite jelled. The point I was aiming for: a quarter-billionaire doesn’t need the power. He’s after the trophy, and will say anything to get it.

@nojo: Shorter Nojo: Mitt may lack a soul, but he does have an ego.

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