The Weather is a Communist Plot

Our guest columnist is an Oxy-Addled Fat Fuck.

So we got a hurricane coming. The National Hurricane Center, which is a government agency, is very hopeful that the hurricane gets near Tampa. The National Hurricane Center is Obama. It’s the National Weather Service, part of the commerce department. It’s Obama.

The media, it’s all about the hurricane hitting next week, and they’re not talking about Biden, they’re talking about this Hurricane Isaac thing.

Well, you know, we who live in south Florida become experts. We don’t need the National Hurricane Center, and we don’t need all these weather dolts analyzing this for us. Well, we need the center, we can look at their charts and graphs, we know what to do, we can read the stuff. I’ve been tracking the charted forecast track of the storm, and they’re moving it sometimes to the east. The latest, 11 o’clock, they moved it to the west as a Cat 1 impact in Naples, Fort Myers area.

This morning at five a.m., the impact was Miami. We’re still not talking about ’til next Tuesday, so it’s gonna be all over the ballpark between now and then. We don’t know where this thing is gonna hit. The models are moving it more and more out into the Gulf. I wouldn’t be surprised if this thing hits in Louisiana someplace when it’s all said and done. Just kidding. Nobody knows, but they’re desperately hoping, they’re so desperately hoping for Tampa.

The media, you know, I can see Obama sending FEMA in in advance of the hurricane hitting Tampa so that the Republican convention is nothing but a bunch of tents in Tampa, a bunch of RVs and stuff. Make it look like a disaster area before the hurricane even hits there.

Al Joker’s Hurricane Tips for Babies [Rush Limbaugh, via @crewislife]

It’s okay by me if it misses Tampa and the hurricane swings south and sucks Rushbo out of his McMansion in West Palm Beach. Will have to be a category 5 to lift him off the couch, but it could happen.

What you should really be worried about are the black helicopters. The Republican convention will be the biggest gathering of real American patriots this side of a militia convention. Plus the liberal lamestream media might start quoting the party platform.

It’s going to be George Soros, the International Banking Conspiracy, and the J*ws before this thing touches down.

Yes, Rush… Why do you need a Hurricane Center?. It only benefits people in Florida so why should people in Wyoming and California and New York pay for it?

But who’ll win Miss CONgeniality?*

*Trick question

so that the Republican convention is nothing but a bunch of tents in Tampa, a bunch of RVs and stuff.

So the EVIL SOSHAMALISTS are going to turn the convention into a Nascar infield? The delegates should be right at home then…

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