Lie Louder, and Maybe the Lie Will Work

When CNN calls ’em out, you know it’s egregious.


Is that the one all the Wingnuts were frothing about yesterday because Soledad was caught on camera — Gasp! — referring to a report from Notorious Liberals TPM?


One would think after the “Not Real US Amercian” disaster, Rombot would have had Snusnu shut the fuck up.

On a happier note, I’ve decided to try my hand at Paella (again.) Seems so simple, but I really fucked it up the last time I made it (over cooked the shrimp and rice so it was mush with tough bits that looked like shrimp.)

After watching Soledad stomp the Nunu in the face a few times, I’m finding myself getting a schoolboy crush. MARRY ME SOLEDAD <3 <3 <3 <3!!!1!!!1!!!

@matador1015: Maybe it’s because I never watched Julia Child growing up (though I would tune in to Yan Can Cook and The Frugal Gourmet from time to time — turns out the latter was a bit of a perv), but that one doesn’t do it for me the way the Mister Rogers and Bob Ross ones do.

@mellbell: All I know about Julia Child is Dan Aykroyd.

@mellbell: I appreciate that someone had AutoTune skills and is getting paid by PBS for it. I also agree that the Julia Child AutoTune is a little overcooked (pun intended).

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