Her Majesty’s Secret Entrance

Aside from — well, everything else, we must admit enjoying this scene between Daniel Craig and some amateur doing a decent impression of Helen Mirren. Certainly beats a platoon of Willy Wonkas emerging from a pit of Hades to illustrate the Industrial Revolution.


Thank you. That’s the only part of the extravaganza I wanted to see.

I did not watch the opening, but from everything I’ve seen it was simply vulgar. Why can’t they just light the torch and start fencing?

@blogenfreude: It wasn’t simply vulgar — it was hilariously vulgar. Ed Wood vulgar.

Exquisitely vulgar, when you consider that Danny Boyle was behind it. You would think he had better taste. You would be wrong.

Imagine all those musicians who practiced for years so they could get on a world stage and then be upstaged by Mr. Bean.

@matador1015: Except that the LSO is known for one thing, and one thing only: The original Star Wars score. Orchestra for hire.

Besides, musicians love working with comedians: PDQ Bach (beloved in classical circles), Eric Idle (fun DVD of his Life of Brian opera with the BBC Symphony in Albert Hall), and why not Rowan Atkinson for Brits? If you’re stuck playing Chariots of Fire, it takes the edge off.

@nojo: Agreed. Some of the musicians could barely contain themselves on stage.

All the orc dorks I’ve known have had a wicked sense of humor bubbling just below the surface of their stoic demeanor.

Oh dear. This has provoked all kinds of huffiness.

A 30 second joke stretched to 5 mins. And no payoff? And no I will not stand for her motherfucking majesty though I might stand for Mr Craig. (Daniel, ease up on teh butch. It’s giving us all a headache and it can’t be good for your back) The Firm, as the Roils call themselves, is in the middle of a decade-long stealth PR campaign to justify their vast wealth and general sucking at the teat of the nation. Hence all the movies – and this shite – shot in palaces stolen from the people roil residences. And don’t get me started on that ghastly thing with Dame Helen (see how they co-opt bohemia? They give out titles. It’s widely believed that Paul Scofield was one of the few to tell them to fuck off) WTF? A noble stag gets shot by some parvenu thereby causing desecration when he could heave been shot by a roil?

Shoot them. Shoot them all. Or make them go and live in Tunbridge Wells on a government pension. Amounts to the same thing.

I despise class in the UK as I despise racism in the US. It makes me blind with rage.

I’m told this is some kind of Sport extravaganza and that ALW is already working on the musical: London!. By the by, I watched some Sport on the telly recently. The hubby explained it to me. It involved a lot of balls and running about. But the clothes were good though it’s exhausting to watch men sweat quite that much. One wanted to say: Powder off, darlings. Someone won, someone lost, thus runs the world away.

Plus, my most beloved and treasured dog is dying. It’s my birthday tomorrow and the hub was trying to get me to celebrate it today so it’s not marked by Bruno’s death. But no. If he lives through the weekend I think I”ll have the vet come here Monday. A couple of weeks ago I was able to get him to eat raw beef. He’s been living on it since. Today he won’t even eat that. He has a tumor somewhere that’s eating him. I think he might be 13 and for a big dog of boxer/pit bull extraction that’s not so bad.

So fuck the queen. Where did she get that frock? And why must englishwomen look like they’re wearing shower curtains?

Plus: DanC; boxers or briefs? Or… just throwin’ it out here.. one of Rachel’s thongs? Lacy and pink? Is that what’s making him carry his butt so high?

@Benedick: What can I say? They had me at Daniel Craig and Corgis.

@Benedick: The whole thing was like that–an homage to the working-class bloke, while conveniently leaving out all the more embarrassing bits of Brit history. Forget Dickens! Here’s J.M. Barrie instead!

Still, it was enough to put some of the Teabaggers knickers in a twist.

@Benedick: Oh darling, I am so sorry to hear about the pupster. 13 years is good for a bigger dog like him. He was lucky to have humans such as you and the hubby to love and care for him. It’s always hard to lose them.

I was waiting for Dr Who to deliver the torch into the stadium. I got ripped off. Bah and Humbug.

@Benedick: It takes a special type of man to rock the thong. People often think I’m wearing one, sometimes, but with my girth it’s actually just a pair of boxer shorts. Don’t tell anybody.

All dogs go to heaven, my friend. Cold comfort, I know. I’d buy you a drink if I could.

@Benedick: Sorry about Bruno. My funny, loyal dogs Murphy and Sophie are waiting for him in that sunny, squirrel-filled meadow in the sky.

@Benedick: I’m so very sorry to hear about Bruno. Big hugs.

Thanks all. We’ve been having a better day. There were episodes, admittedly brief, of romping. A walk in the woods was accomplished so the pugs could get in their daily allotment of scampering.

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