For Mittens


Why should Barry apologize for saying the truth?

This is probably the first time I’ve seen Barry hit someone back this hard. He was nicer to McCain, but that feeb egomanic didn’t really help himself.

Of course, Mittens acting like a thin skinned wuss isn’t helping Mittens either.

@ManchuCandidate: 1) he’s going to have to produce the tax returs eventually and 2) if he lied about being retired from Bain, can he continue on to claim the nomination?

The truth aka tax shelters and Swiss Bank accounts probably won’t help.

Nor the (alleged) electoral fraud isn’t helping either.

Mittens is in a very very bad place right now. And it’s not even Sept.

If he keeps going like this, I wouldn’t rule out a floor fight at the convention.

@RomeGirl: Now that would get me to watch that shit. And remember – I had to deal with those fuckers on the streets in 2004 when W had his fucking convention here.

@ManchuCandidate: And that is the real victory here: Mittens comes off looking like a milk baby. “It’s not fair! Obama is being mean.!

I have more presidential sweat socks.

90% of the people couldn’t pick out Switzerland on a map and certainly don’t know what a Swiss bank account implies. Check out the Vanity Fair story about the Mittens off-shore activity. He’s running for President? You’ve got to be kidding! Imaginary person help us!

@BobCens: Bob, let’s cut to the chase and jump straight to Godwin’s Law. If the moron base finds out that the Swiss bankers performed certain “favors” for the Third Reich this could turn into a big plus for the GOP. If they were good enough for the Nazis they’re good enough for us.

@Dave H: The flip side of that, of course, is that there are a lot of old Jewish voters in Florida who know that connotation all too well.

Did I hear correctly today that George Will said today that Mittens is in trouble? Does anybody like this guy?

This will all be forgotten when Mrs. Mitt’s horse wins the Olympics.

Hell, it’ll all be forgotten anyway.

Enjoy the moment, but we’re still in the preseason. Nothing counts until after the conventions.

The Obama campaign should be all: “The President will apologize as soon as Mitt Romney apologizes to all the workers who lost their jobs when Bain Capital acquired their companies, slashed payrolls and paid themselves large bonuses with the difference.”

Possibly, but it is what one might consider a spoiling attack. Disrupting plans and knocking him off balance for a while. Also limits his possible avenues of attack as Mittens can’t open up on Barry about the economy unless he wants to start getting flak about his own role otherwise this would not work if the US Amercians didn’t see this mess as Bush’s (well deserved) mess.

@nojo: Think of it as qualifiers. If an argument moves the needle now, when few voters are paying attention, as the various Bain attacks have, it is likely strong enough for the closing months and weeks of the campaign.

@RomeGirl: So there’s this country that was until recently one of the last bastions of military autocracy in Asia, right? They’re quickly opening up to a lot of advice and exchange in order to reform, right? And one of those areas of reform is the electoral system, right?

Turns out the US has a program that invites international elections and party leaders to observe our quadrennial conventions. This reform country will likely be invited. I suggested the Rethuglicans, but apparently we don’t want too much entertainment.

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