The Red State Shift

We hadn’t understood, until we watched this, how easy it is to measure distant stars: You start with a known quantity, and a few steps later, you’re applying that to the how much a star’s light shifts into the red spectrum by the time it reaches us.

The same would apply, we think, to somebody’s distance from reality, although we suspect that, like the galaxy, the distance increases each time it’s measured — so much so that some people can fairly be said not to exist in our universe at all.

[via Sully]

Sounds quite true. No one wants to be red shifted.

I want to know when red became the official color of fascism instead of Communism. The Soviets were Reds, right? Remember “Better dead than Red”? So when was the power color red co-opted by the GOP with no apologies for stealing a longtime Kremlin favorite?

@Dave H: That would be the moment some TV news producer decided brown, while appropriate, wasn’t colorful enough.

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