A Chance for Jonah to Punch a Socialist

Vegan 145-pound comedian Jamie Kilstein offers to fight violence-inciting member of the Lucky Sperm Club and fiction-writer Jonah Goldberg. Sign the petition and tweet the Doughy Pantload @JonahNRO. Jamie is @jamiekilstein. Jonah sure didn’t bother to fight in Iraq; maybe he’ll fight this time around.


I’d be surprised if Jonah took him on.

It will end as badly as intellectual bun fights have ended badly for him.

@ManchuCandidate: For one thing, he’d have to take his shirt off. I’m thinking C cup?

@blogenfreude: What I love most about you guys is the way you assist me in my quest to lose weight.

OH dear God, bf, why did you have to bring moobs into this? I mean, yeah, we’re talking about the Pantload, but have a heart, man.

I’m still dealing with the trauma of seeing Steve Tyler’s rack (which took attention away from the tiny Speedo swimsuit he had on, and that’s saying something).

I signed that petition yesterday (or was it Friday?) and sent it everywhere. I hope Jamie gets his wish. There are plenty of us with wagers at the ready.

@litbrit: Steve Tyler looks like a Real New Jersey housewife twenty years on, when the plastic surgery turns on you.

This is an opportunity for Jamie to launch killer dual tit twisters on this fat fuck. Jamie can have his sensitive bits between thumb and forefinger in a flash and have Goldberg on his knees before he finishes calling Jamie communist scum.

I signed the petition and encourged Jamie to practice tit twisters on frozen meat before the match.


“Sensitive bits”? Did I miss the step where the nipple-twisting is used as a distraction to grab Jonah’s wallet and book reviews? ;)

Who is this “hipster Vegan comedian from Brooklyn”? I’m afraid that he’d lose focus in his Chuck Taylor’s and oversized sunglasses.

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