George Tierney Jr. of Greenville South Carolina Will Sue Your Ass

And who knew tbogg was so hot? – Are you actually planning legal action or have you decided yet?
George Tierney – Oh I’m going to have legal action, yeah. I’m planning legal action against tbogg, whoever tbogg is, and I think it’s a female. Let me go back here I’ll tell you exactly who tbogg is … Female name that came back was Jennifer something, yeah she’s going to get legal action against her because she’s the one that started all this crap against me.

They Call Me Quiet, But I’m a Riot [FDL]

Under what reason?

As far as I know, retweeting is not a crime.

@ManchuCandidate: It constantly amazed me that so few realize that the first amendment protects speech from government interference. And someone who called a public figure a cunt on Twitter? I’m sure there’s some wingnut lawyer that will take the case, but it’ll get laughed out of court.

It would have been one thing if George Tierney Jr. of Greenville, SC had twitted one offensive comment. He became known to the internetz because, like Limbaugh, he just doesn’t know when to stop.

Poor George Tierney Jr. of Greenville, SC. Life is so unfair..

@karen marie still has her eyes tight shut: And here I thought he was going to let it rest while the circus moved on to another town.

@blogenfreude: Ironically, George Tierney Jr. of Greenville, South Carolina, was exercising his free-speech rights when he had his cuntgasm. And then he not just tweets like an asshole, but emails the equivalent of a letter to the editor complaining about it. And then he complains when the letter is published.

Or maybe he’s just angling for a Tosh web redemption.

@nojo: Trying to explain Google cache to him would, I fear, be a waste of time.

@ManchuCandidate: Y’know, I’ll bet the collected lawyers of Greenville, South Carolina, could use the business, and I would love to see that lawsuit.

Seems the Kids In The Hall might have captured the character of George Tierney very well…

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