It’s Hard to Pee on Breitbart’s Grave When His Staff Keeps Cutting In Line


I doubt many of Bitpart’s readers could spell SAT let alone take it.

TJ/ I wonder if they’ll delete the cussing on my classbook reunion page and the choice word I used to describe a certain professor.

My year book had the acronym SOMF under my picture. No one got it. I thought for sure, it would be dropped in editing but the entirely female year book staff overlooked it.

@FlyingChainSaw: I thought a friend of mine invented SOMF on a multi-bar binge in Atlanta in the early eighties one weekend. Were you down there then and heard us yell that at every chick in the bars of Atlanta or something? They didn’t let ugly chicks in bars in Atlanta back then or so it seemed.

@I’m passing for white: You know, it was an interesting crowd. They may have and just decided it was beneath them to appear to care.

@jwmcsame: Unfortunately, I missed that event. I may be mistaken but the endearment probably predates the 1980s.

@FlyingChainSaw: So you never were, er, beneath them.


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