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When Fresh Air ends, Terry Gross stops being polite, and starts getting real.

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It would be so cool if she were a red diaper baby.

That was pretty cool. Off to make coffee and get dog piss out of a rug. Thus the weekend begins. After that, research and brief writing before a Tuesday-Friday roadie out to Navajoland.

I didn’t think that radio gig paid enough.

Please, please, please play the interview with Uta Hagen (no, not the ice-cream heiress) who calls our own dear Terri a whoring sleb fucker. Terri becomes literally speechless. I know! It was years ago. It was a simpler time. I was in stock being all kinds of handsome in various well-cut suits. Returning from a grocery run to the local supermarket and pulling in to the dismal housing I had to sit in the car to hear it out. Laughing, laughing, laughing…

A fave mome? Terri axed Uta about her ‘craft’ (that word denotes a philistine know-nothing). Uta Hagen said no. You’re a frivolous person asking frivolous questions. I will discuss my book (she was pushing a What is Acting and Why is It all Over My Windscreen type book) but I will not discuss my ART.

The only thing would have made me happier was John Edwards in a wrestling singlet oiled up and ready for action.

@Benedick: I’m still trying to find the Gene Simmons one. I think he cussed her out.

She is amazingly talented.

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