The Pause That Refreshes

We had been contemplating all day Wednesday an Important Post about Eduardo Saverin, the Facebook cofounder (better known as Spider-Man) who is giving up his naturalized American citizenship rather than pay an estimated $67 million in taxes when Facebook’s upcoming IPO makes him filthy rich. Our point was going to be opposite the Conventional Outrage on the subject: You’re free to leave — as long as you never set foot again on American soil.

And then, well, this.

[via Sully]

I suspect I know how she says Pepsi.

As for Saverin, weasels be weaseling. Perhaps he should have spoke to former Federal Prisoner 4512934 aka Conrad Black about the dangers of renouncing your citizenship (in his case it was a matter of “principle” aka he didn’t get what he wanted and sulked like a big sucky baby.) Boy that English Lord title feels real good doesn’t it?

How much for Koch? More than we can afford.

I’m ashamed on so many levels.

@matador1015: My first two responses:
(1) That very darkened/photo-shopped image of Black Eagle barely looks like him.
(2) I’m putting my money on Ricketts’ Democrat daughter as the source who leaked the document to the Times.

Oh, and

Meanwhile, white births are now below 50% of all births in the U.S.
Suck it, crusty old GOPers!

Tax avoidance is legal. Tax evasion is illegal. This is avoidance. We should change the law to tax US IPOs regardless of the citizenship of the beneficiary.

@blogenfreude: Oh here comes Mr Reality! Spoils all the fun.

@I’m passing for white: Cock is it!

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