All Lost Value Accrues to God

“The $2 billion J.P. Morgan lost someone else gained.” —Mitt Romney, explaining what appears to be a novel economic theory. [WSJ]


Finance as a zero sum game? Haha.

Meanwhile Mittens is butthurt about the allegations, aw fuck it, the facts that Bane is some kind of blood sucking financial vampire.

Hey Mitt: I’ve got a shit-ton of Collateralized Debt Obligations I’d like to sell ya!

TJ/ Question for the Mac gods: I just turned on the new iPad 3 and started set up. Got to “wireless network” and selected the one I’m using right now. That was 15 minutes ago, and the little wheel is still spinning. WTF???

@Mistress Cynica: Step 1: Restart the iPad. If nothing, Step 2: Restart the modem. If still nothing, Step 3: Call the Mac Help Line and let them know, so they can either give you a fix, set you up with a Genius, or send it back. Since it’s new, you have 30 days free help.

Rmoney finally splained things to me in a way I can understand. All i have to do is spend all my money on beer, liquor, pot, other party supplies, bar tabs, strippers, football parlay sheets, sleep till the crack of noon, and stay up till the moon goes down like I did everyday in the 80’s and my loss will be some one elses gain. Those gains will surely make the local rocky top economy explode. East Tennessee streets will be paved in gold and well done steaks will burn in every oven.

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