Mitt Romney is Too Nice to Stand Up for America

“An adviser to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign defended the candidate’s ‘kind impulses’ on Friday, pointing to his treatment of Texas Gov. Rick Perry during recent GOP debates as proof.” [The Hill]


That’s epic weaksauce.

It would be like me saying I’m kind because I didn’t punch my ex-housemate in the head during one of his temper tantrums.*

*although looking back I honestly wish I did.

“Mitt Romney is absolutely, as his other friend from high school said — he doesn’t have a vicious bone in his body.”

Rmoney’s other friend? meaning he only had two friends. they were both probably paid for.

Seriously, what recourse did Rmoney’s victim have against the governors son. That makes the bullying aspect even worst. Rmoney has a long history of leaving victims in his wake. First in high school and then at all the manufacturers he looted leaving so many unemployed. Thankfully these victims will finally reap some revenge as Rmoney is truthfully shown as a bully and job destroyer in the coming months in a showdown with some one his own size or bigger as I am sure Obama will prove.

@jwmcsame: It’s been noted elsewhere that Mitt’s “pranks” and “jokes” are all power-plays, to this day: Where’d you get those cookies? 7-Eleven? I’m unemployed too!

It’s a theme you might not notice until it’s pointed out: The man knows absolutely no humility.

That’s where the bullying story fits in: Not character-defining in itself — we’re not going to hold anybody to what they did in high school — but as yet another example of a lifelong pattern. It only works because of everything else we know about Mitt.

Still, I’m content to let that pass: The point’s been made. What’s amusing now are these half-hearted attempts to defend Teen Mitt, which only feed the next news cycle. If Mitt’s supporters want to keep the story fresh, far be it from me to stop them.

” another example of a lifelong pattern” — isn’t that what defines “character”?

@nojo: rmoney and w and most rich kid republicans are the same way. like you say they have no humility. everything is a joke to them and the joke is always at someone less fortunates expense. and that’s why these folks have no true friends. others tire quickly of always getting the short end of the stick. even those that suffer companionship with the w and rmoneys of the world in expectation of richly rewarding backwash soon figure out that the gravy train they expected to feed from stopped just a few inches shy of their reach. real friends don’t rat and rmoneys old acquaintances are lining up to rat him out now just like w a few years ago.

on the other side of the aisle, celebrities and luminaries around the world line up to hang with obama and slick willie. that bugs the shit out of the republicans and explains their mean streak. they can’t understand why they are not cool and they have to buy all and any alleged friends.

@karen marie still has her eyes tight shut: Not if Mitt’s high-school experience wasn’t traceable throughout his life. Hey, Obama snorted coke. But Obama’s moved on.

You can be a reformed vicious asshole, and we won’t hold it against you. This is proving interesting because (a) Mitt still can’t own up to it, decades later, and (b) Mitt’s supporters are doing everything to deny or mitigate the story.

This should be a no-brainer, politically. A sincere, solemn apology — or something that sufficiently fakes it — and we’re on to the next subject. It’s the defensiveness that’s telling.

@nojo: As far as we know…

Obama snorted coke. But Obama’s moved on.

Based on what we know about wingnutters projecting, I’d be very afraid for any male horses she owns.

Her name in Czech means “freedom.”

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