Your Joy May Vary

Stinquer Andrew — and from what we can tell, the majority of Accredited Pundits — seems to think today’s announcement is a Big Fucking Deal, worthy of observing his supplied Unicorn Moment.

We, on the other hand, find ourself reaching Andy Rooney levels of curmudgeonliness, since Obama only announced his “personal” view on gay marriage, and is content to let states like North Carolina (and California!) decide the matter for themselves.

So, rather than go all Eeyore on you, here’s your Unicorn. We’ll be nursing a whiskey in the corner, waiting for our opinion to evolve.


I’ll sit in the corner with you, waiting for some actual fucking action to back up those pretty words.

Nojo is nursing a whiskey? I thought he was a beer guy. What’s in the glass, ese?

/Dirty Tanq martini, extra olives for Mrs RML, who fell asleep during Veep.

@redmanlaw: I don’t often drink whiskey, but when I do, I drink Jack Daniels. Stay plowed, my friend.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ:
me too, /yawn/ talk is cheap Bar, write it the fuck down and i’ll stop glowering. NC wrote. it. down. GET thirsty, my president!

Since this announcement will set off the Mouth-Breathing Nation, perhaps this is Barry’s acknowledgement that he needs to spend no more time pandering to a group of people that won’t support him anyway.

Because in this place, the Humid and Swampy States of America, Teh Gheyz are still a big deal, no matter how unemployed these folks may be.

It seems like only a partial measure, but if our residents think its a good thing, I’ll fall in line. Especially if one of the boosters is Andrew, who is our quickest scribe to see the glass not only as half full, but controlled by corporate shills intent on seizing the means and modes of production from the Masses.

@nojo: Go Wild – Turkey that is.

@Beggars Biscuit: I’m still voting for the Socialist or Green Party candidate in November, so I haven’t gone soft jus’ cause Barry told me half of what I’d like to hear (he’s here in Seattle today not far from my office, so my commute home will be pure hayell).

What the fuck does he have to do? Blow fucking ice cream out his ass while he announces the cure for cancer???????

What the fucking fuck is going on?????

You don’t think this is fucking huge????? The president of the United States declares himself to be in favor of marriage equality????? What the fuck does this man have to do to get some fucking respect???? The most brilliant, charismatic, accomplished president since Roosevelt and it’s all – ooh he didn’t do this and he didn’t do that.

This is the leitmotif on most of the gay blogs. Plus Dan Savage – may I say now that I despise the It Gets Better campaign as being a thinly veiled exercise in self-congratulation? Probably not.

I better go away again. As noted before, I have lost my sense of humor. Also, it seems, my sense of proportion.

I just donated $250 today. I was around for Johnson’s takeover. I saw how the left took him down. I am seeing the same thing today.

@Benedick: I donated last night for the first time this election (I don’t count buying campaign swag as a donation, even if the FEC does). It’s something I’d meant to do for months, but yesterday it clicked.

@Benedick: Smooches, honey! Where have you been? I was eating tapas, guzzling wine in the middle of the day, and ogling hot men — what’s your excuse?

Oh, and UNICORN! I just realized what the illustration meant.
/jetlagged thanks to fucking JFK and LAX airports.

@Benedick: What the fuck does he have to do?

Something like this.

You’re free to call it snark, but I was deeply crushed when I learned about the asterisk. I just can’t get enthusiastic over yet another in a series of half-measures. If he’s going to pay a political price for taking a Bold Position, why not just go all the way?

You know he’s capable of it. That’s the legacy of his Wright speech: Obama can reach deep and aim high. And yes, while Change is Hard, you’re not supposed to be the one standing in the way. Sure, explain to us why something isn’t possible in the current political environment; but don’t adopt the fallback position and proclaim that it’s what you wanted in the first place.

I understand that the symbolism is sufficient for many people, for now. I admit that mine may very well be a minority view. But I’m sorry, I just can’t wave the flag on this one.

@Benedick: Darling! I was getting worried about you. So glad to see you here.
And I couldn’t agree more.

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