Shriek Forever After

We’re not sure how we expected to react upon watching “The Scream” being auctioned for $119,922,500. Perhaps we were supposed to be Shocked! that someone could blow 119,922.5 large on a painting. Perhaps we would contemplate the Horror! that it would take us three millennia to earn that kind of scratch. Perhaps we would manifest a Comically Abject Expression of Fear Suitable for a Blockbuster Movie Poster! while listing the worthwhile things $119,922,500 could provide instead.

But you know what caught our attention? The rotating pedestal they used to display it, like something out of a game show. We’re a cheap date.

[via WaPo]

Think of the thrills Monte Hall could have brought to the auction by offering to trade “The Scream” for whatever was behind curtain #2.

Are we sure that’s not an Onion parody? What is up with the auctioneer doing The Swim?

Hey, who stole my avatar? My neglect in updating my Stinque profile’s email address finally caught up with me. I guess giving me an ugly generic avatar is one way to get me to pay attention.

@karen marie still has her eyes tight shut: an ugly generic avatar.

Ahem. “Colorful snowflake baby” if you will.

@karen marie still has her eyes tight shut: The Onion parody is the twelve-minute iPhone video from the back of the room, showing a dozen other iPhones being held up to tape the auction. I almost ran it to show how long it takes to get from a $40 million opening bid to the $107 million winner. (Plus fees makes it $120 million.)

BTW, it’s not even a painting–it’s a drawing in crayon. The total proceeds from the auction: $330,568,550. That’s even more money than Mitt Romney has.

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