Reefer Madness

For the funniest local news story about the annual 4/20 smoke-out in Golden Gate Park, I present to you San Francisco’s Stanley Roberts.  Not many other reporters would say things like “Never have I seen so many ways to ingest weed” or “For some reason I’m starving,” let alone feature a gas mask bong.


BREAKING HARDER: Chuck Colson dead at 80.

When the hell will Kissinger die already?

@SanFranLefty: And here I was thinking just the other day, how would I handle a Colson obit?

My conclusion? Skip it.

From my WND alert email:

Watergate felon-turned-prophet Chuck Colson dies

News in 1973 of convicted Watergate figure Chuck Colson’s profession of faith in Jesus Christ was met with skepticism and ridicule by many in media. But nearly four decades later – with his death today at the age of 80 – Colson’s legacy as a historic evangelical leader with a distinct prophetic voice that has shaped culture and influenced countless lives is firmly established.

Returning to our theme of first-identification obits: Watergate, Watergate, Watergate. Born-again Chuck is meaningless. Everybody raise a leg!

Marijuana makes everything better. No need for a gas mask though.

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