Whose Late-Night Host Do I Have to Pee On to Get Some Media Attention Around Here?

Our guest columnist is the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue, who thought it was “hilarious” when South Park depicted him taking over the Church and being killed by Jesus with a throwing star.

Jon Stewart refused to apologize last night for the unprecedented assault on Christian sensibilities he launched on April 16. In that episode, “The Daily Show” featured a naked woman with her legs spread and a nativity scene ornament placed between her legs; with the picture on the screen, Stewart laughed at what he called the “vagina manger.”

Our effort against Stewart includes asking his most consistent sponsors to pull their advertising (if necessary, we are not ruling out a boycott of their products), and a lengthy public relations campaign. The goal? To get him to apologize. If that doesn’t work, we can guarantee that his reputation will never be the same.

Today we will contact Kraft, one of whose products, MiO Energy, was one of the five sponsors that advertised on both the April 17 and April 18 episodes. Moreover, we will contact those on our “Allied Organizations” list (over two days) to join this campaign. They will be asked to contact Steve Albani, Senior VP of Comedy Central Communications, and Kraft.

This is just the beginning. Over the next several weeks, we will contact every major Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Mormon and Muslim leader and organization in the nation; they will be sent the picture, along with Stewart’s remarks. We will contact Viacom (which owns Comedy Central, home to “The Daily Show”) making sure that all board members and senior management know about Stewart’s anti-Christian and grossly misogynist attack. We will take out ads in newspapers, etc. We are not going away.

What Jon Stewart did ranks with the most vulgar expression of hate speech ever aired on television. His incivility cannot go unanswered.

Campaign Against Jon Stewart Begins [Catholic League]

I’m sure we’ll hear from all the people who whined about the El Rushbo advertiser boycott ANY MINUTE NOW, because they’re so full of “principles”… ;)

Who the fuck is this guy Donahue, anyway?

The president of the catholic league is the fucking pope, last I checked.

@FlyingChainSaw: I was going to say Coach Brian Kelly, but that’s just a school, not an entire league.

Sponsors abandoning a comedy show, for a pretty clever satirical bit, on a network that also runs South Park? Yeah, good luck with that.

Let’s see the “power” of the Catholic League. I’ve long thought it was just Donohue.

I wish the Daily Show and the Colbert Report were on Friday nights. Can’t wait to see what they come up with by Monday for the Catholic League – and doesn’t that title sound like it’s ripped from the pages of a comic book?

Perhaps Bill Mahr may have a comment tonight. Who wouldn’t like to see a cage match with the Hulk vs. Catholic League (pay-per-view).

Potential Superhero names for Catholic League:


Cardinal Sin

Steven Bishop

Sister Penguin

@matador1015: Pope Daddy
The Confessor
Altar Boy
The Crusader
Captin Crucifix
… it’s almost hard to stop.

I’m sure Viacom, Comedy Central, all the advertisers and Jon Stewart are literally quaking in their shoes, because everybody knows that Bill Donahue & The Catholic League aren’t a bad metal band but instead are the true Voice of God and all women everywhere.

What Jon Stewart did ranks with the most vulgar expression of hate speech ever aired on television. His incivility cannot go unanswered.

This is adorable to me. Really. They’re going to pretend that it’s 1930 and people actually care about civility in public discourse.

Stewart is going to have a field day with this.

@FlyingChainSaw: Who the fuck is this guy Donohue, anyway?

Outrage Whore.

Correction: Divorced Outrage Whore.

Speaking of Religious Boycotts FAIL:

An anti-pornography group called The War on Illegal Pornography is calling for a boycott of Groupon after they offered a discounted tour of the San Francisco Armory, now home to kink.com:

Completed in 1914, the 220,000-square-foot San Francisco Armory has a storied history, hosting the National Guard until the early 1970s, remaining vacant for three decades, and being bought and refurbished for adult-film sets by Peter Acworth, owner of Kink.com. Earning a feature on ABC 7 last April, Acworth’s team helms 90-minute tours through the armory’s five expansive floors as they sling an innovative blend of historical and risqué trivia, much like the Chancellor of the Smithsonian Institute after hours. Guests can amble through the preserved shooting range before following the subterranean burbles of Mission Creek through the basement. A menagerie of ornate and functional fetish film sets detailed by the San Francisco Examiner includes a plush lounge and dungeon environments, complete with props forged in an on-site metal shop. Depending on their timing, groups may also glimpse a live filming in progress, though the staff requests that patrons refrain from ogling the working boom mikes.

ADD: Mr. SFL and I bought tickets. How could we not?

It was destined to fail because who keeps Kink.com going?

The anal dildo crotchless wetsuit while thumping a bible crowd.

My Amazon link on this thread is a very entertaining tribute to Nojo. My favorite is the Nojo Flower nightlight Light, but the Dreamy Nights Nojo hamper is a close second

@Walking Still: I use the hamper in my hamster crib.

@SanFranLefty: Oh, you beat me too it. I just saw this and posted a link in a more recent thread.

You people in San Francisco really do have all the fun. I never got a Groupon offer like that.

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