Dan Savage …

this breaks me; it’s his entire self:


10:03 am • Tuesday • April 3, 2012

Can someone pls summarize for me? I don’t have 15 min

2:18 pm • Tuesday • April 3, 2012

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Grew up Catholic. Altar Boy. Not molested. Mom Big Time Catholic, but maybe not so Big Time b/c she thought JPII was/Benny is an idiot and after four kids in as many years used bc.

Savage starts to think this religion thing is kinda crap. Savage comes out as gay to Mom. Mom goes to Father Whatshisname. Father Whatshisname comes out to Mom. Mom defends the hell outta Savage.

Mom gets sick. Savage sortakinda goes to church. Mom gets waaay sick waaay faster than she was supposed to. Savage sortakinda goes to church. Mom dies. Savage wishes he would see her again. Thinks he won’t.

Identity. Family. Love. Logic. Lack thereof. Pain. Human.

9:09 pm • Tuesday • April 3, 2012

@Lost in the Negative Space: Thanks. Much appreciated.

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