Stinque Recipe Challenge

Wherein I make Julia Child’s piperade in my tiny kitchen and TAPE IT using the Hero 2 camera we got last week:

And because I don’t know how to pause, and we don’t yet have Final Cut Pro, this thing is a series of videos, not one smooth move:

Christ I need a bigger kitchen and a commercial stove:


Bloggie, The GF wouldn’t let you wear the camera while consuming the dish? You get double points for pulling this off in a kitchen with so little counter space.

@SanFranLefty: All you would have seen was us watching Bridesmaids – again. I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard ever.

And seriously – make this stuff. Had it in an omelet this morning, froze the rest. It’s even better when you defrost it. One thing – use twice the pancetta/ham – I think it needs more.

I watched the whole thing.

1) Damn your Manhattan kitchens are super tiny. My mom would go mad in such a small area, as being the suburbanite she is, she can not cook in a small area. I don’t mind.
2) I’m stuck with an electric stove. I know they suck in comparison to gas, but considering the oafishness of my now ex-housemate, I would have died several times if I had a gas stove.
3) I can see the utility of the Swiss finger tip remover, but I’m confident with my knife skills to avoid purchasing anything like that.
4) I like the idea of cooking the peppers and onions separately

The food looks good and simple enough that an oaf like myself can try it. If I can teach myself how braise and poach then I’ll give this a shot.

Would it be strange to spoon this over pasta? I might try that this week, just to see.

@mellbell: Yes, it would be strange.

Serve as an hors d’oeuvre. All kinds of delicious. I remember stopping off at a routier years ago where, when we sat at a long table, bowls of piperade were set in front of us with good bread. Personally I would not put meat products in it. It’s a relative of ratatouille. I would serve it with scrambled eggs. Not the Amerikanski garbage that pretends to be scrambled but the velvety richness of eggs cooked to just under the point where they set hard. A ramekin filled with piperade then topped with eggs would be very good.

Blogeur: I do wish I could flip you to Elizabeth David. French Provincial Cooking is both great food and great writing. I know you’re fond of Child but she’s kind of tiresome and her taste isn’t good. She was fun on her show but E David brought a more fastidious and rapturous eye to the kitchen. Hint: chocolate mousse. You will die.

@ManchuCandidate: Swiss mandolin makes uniform slices, nothing more. If you can do that with a knife, do it.
@mellbell: pasta would be OK, but better over rice, at least to me.

@Benedick: send a David recipe you want me to do, and I will strap the camera on my head again.

I’m curious… what do you consider perfect scrambled eggs?

I usually aim for soft and fluffy. I usually take the eggs off the heat just as the last of the egg transitions from liquid to solid.

BTW. I just roasted a motherfucking drumfish after having to clean it past the point where it started reminding me of puppies. I was not pleased. I doused it in wine and it was good if tasting slightly of wet plaster. Took me 45 mins to clean the leftover meat off the bones and I am not happy.

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