Yo quiero Taco Bell sin tener que conducir

Google shows off its self-driving car test with a run to the dry cleaners and Taco Bell by a blind guy in San Jose.  Dude, there are so many awesome taco trucks parked off the Lawrence Expressway and the Guadalupe Parkway, I’m a little embarrassed for you.  Though I suppose they’re not permanent enough for Google maps.


Meanwhile, on the front of Sport and much more important news, Mellbell is poised to kick my ass in the Stinque March Madness pool because I foolishly chose North Crackolina to make it to the finals in both my original and double-down-the-craziness pools. I think this will be the third year in a row she’s won the pool, except for the year that Black Eagle/Barrington was allowed to enter…

P.S. Sunday’s women’s BB games will be EPIC.

Tree’s sisters v. the 6’8″ powerhouse Baptist Bear
Papists v. U.Conn.

Holy effing shit!

I always seem to pick the teams that choke huge.

Good one Choke-eyes.

@SanFranLefty: The Final Four would have been a lot different if my Lobos had a better start to their second half against Looeyville. What was it – a three point game? Errrr. /hides sharp objects

As for mobile food, Mante’s Chow Cart and the Burrito Wagon kept me alive in high school back in the ancestral homeland. Mante’s is in a building now and the BurritoWagon has been replaced by another outfit with really good tamales (available singly or by the dozen.) Someone just reminded me of an awesome chicharron place next to the tracks in Albuquerque that I gotta hit next time I’m down there.

@SanFranLefty: Yahell informs me that apparently ’09 and ’10 were my years, but how and with what picks are anybody’s guess.

Add: I bicycled by my mobile food yesterday. It was called “gai”, and after it was defeathered and had some chilis added, it was aroi.

Production values me says car was backed into driveway at start and nose-first at the end, but the car is probably not a gift so it sort of makes sense.

“Uses lasers and radar” makes me wonder: what happens when you get a huge crowd of self-driving cars spewing (presumably similar) radar signals all over the place? How tolerant is their system of errant signals? Cool tech, and I’ll be glad for the day when cars mostly drive themselves (I don’t think most people actually enjoy driving most of the time). A car that doesn’t have a psychological blind spot for cyclists will be awesome, not to mention one that doesn’t get angry or drunk. I just hope they’ve thought forward a goodly bit. And, you know, don’t base it on Windows.

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