The Great Blogfill Dump!

Golly! Where has our head been the past few days!

Oh. Right. Bummerville.

Well, fiddle-dee-dee, it’s time we restored the balance of the world. Let’s clear out our backlog of backup posts, and see how far we can get without mentioning kitties.

1. Batman!

Yes, that’s an ersatz Batmobile, pulled over in Silver Spring, Maryland, for missing tags. But really: Would you register your Batmobile? Isn’t that missing the point?

2. Titties!

“Nipples at the Met: All the nipples on view in the permanent collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.” Because we can think of no greater use for the greatest invention since Gutenberg.

3. Hitler!

The difference between this and all the Bunker videos is that someone is actually using Hitler to sell shampoo. Too soon?

4. Stinque E. Wiggils!

U.S, trademark application, October 12, 2000: “Clothing and shoes for infants and toddlers; Bedding and toiletries for infants and toddlers; Infant and toddler care goods; Toys and dolls; and Retail store services.” Trademark later abandoned; and really, we just needed an excuse to run the Disneyfied Stinque logo we’ve been sitting on for months.

5. Kitties!

An eagle, a fox, two cats: Go. Or don’t. Hey, this ain’t National Geographic. Or a Herman Cain! video, for that matter.

Buzzzzz!!! What? Hey, we held back the kitties until #5. Lay off.


I thought Batman and Commissioner Gordon were BFFs. That ticket’s definitely going away.

As for the Met, I’ll pass on the Nipples exhibit and wait for the Bermuda Triangle show. If you know what I mean.

It looks like she interrupted an animal kingdom Algonquin Table.

I could do 10 minutes on that Lamborghini …

That video is the most extreme example of over-aggressive image stabilization I’ve ever seen. Makes the whole thing look like an acid dream (you know, more than it already would have).

South Park has uncovered Shocking! video of me and the neighborhood kitties.

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